Mattresses & your Health

Mattresses & your Health

How mattress affects your Sleep & Health.

Do you know that on the average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet many of us haven’t taken seriously the role a good mattress plays to help us rest well after a stressful day.

Not that we do not recognize the importance of a comfortable mattress, 

but many are not aware that just a sound night rest can help us lose weight, improve our memory and even live longer.

Here are some ways your mattress affects your sleep — and your health.

Older Mattresses can increase Stress - Mattresses that have been used longer than its prime, loses firmness. Though, firmness is a subjective discuss, it is generally defined as the degree of resistance the mattress has under the weight of your body. 

Though many believe that when it comes to back pain, the softer the mattress, the better. After all, a firm mattress places too much stress on a sore back, right? 

In reality, just the reverse is true. when a mattress is too soft, though it might cradle your body, it does not provide enough support to your spine. Hence the body tries to support itself leading to stress instead of rest.

Allergies - Dust mites and other microscopic creatures are always in our living space and can lead to allergies.

Though, Washing sheets and pillowcases frequently in hot water can help rid your linens of dust mites, but we may not be able to get rid of them. therefore it is advisable sundry your mattress every 3 to 5 month or  clean with a vacuum but better still replace your mattresses with new ones if you notice a bug.

Tossing & Turning  - if you notice that you sleep better away from home, then you should consider buying a new mattress


The implications of these health conditions are numerous, and it is better to avoid them altogether by ensuring that you sleep on authentic and high-quality mattresses like Vitafoam or Mouka Foam. 

Unfortunately, identifying an fake mattress is not as simple as looking out for the brand name or logo. You must look beyond the label to be sure that you are buying the kind of mattress that would enhance your health rather than diminish it.

One must always be sure that the mattress is original and procured from a trustworthy source like

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