How It Feels To Sleep On A Pure Latex Mattress?

How It Feels To Sleep On A Pure Latex Mattress?

Are you planning to purchase a new mattress? It is a good move since sleeping on a mattress for too long might significantly affect your sleep quality and overall well being. There are various mattress options on the market but nothing compares to sleeping on a pure organic latex mattress. A latex mattress comes with multiple benefits. This article seeks to give you a peek into what to expect when sleeping on a latex mattress. 

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Extreme comfort

Quality sleep requires utmost comfort. Sleeping on a latex mattress is a sure way to get extreme comfort for a great night’s sleep. Laying on this mattress gives an initial soft sinking feel and a buoyant supportive experience afterwards. This mattress is made from 100 percent pure latex with a natural springiness to give it incredible comfort. 

Pain relief

Do you suffer from joint pain or back pain? According to osteopaths, chiropractors, and physical therapists, a latex mattress is a great solution for pain relief. This mattress is made from organic latex with comfort and cushioning properties. Additionally, sleeping on a latex mattress offers natural spine alignment. Switching to a latex mattress will eliminate pain that had been interrupting with your sleep. 

Enhanced blood circulation

A latex mattress encourages appropriate spine alignment. The shoulders and sinks, which are the heavier body parts, sink into the latex. Alternatively, the lighter parts get stronger support leading to consequent natural spine alignment. The best latex mattress in Singapore  supports the spine’s natural curvature promoting better health and wellness while offering pain relief. With good pressure distribution, sleeping on a latex mattress significantly enhances blood circulation. 

Green sleep

A 100 percent pure latex mattress is made from natural latex. This is a product of sap from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. The sap is a milky white substance processed to form a mattress block. Latex naturally offers a spring feeling when laying down on the mattress. For the natural origin of latex, there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals or metals compared to sleeping on other mattresses. The trick is to invest in a quality 100 percent pure latex mattress .  


No dust mites

Latex has a natural resistance to dust mites  and mold. This eliminates the need to use other remedies like chemicals to get rid of these. For a warm humid country like Singapore, a latex mattress is a better option compared to others. Sleeping on a latex mattress guarantees sleep without mold, dangerous chemicals, and dust mites. Latex is the ideal mattress material when considering a more hygienic and healthier sleep environment.


 No allergies 

Do you usually suffer from allergies? It is important to understand that most allergies in the bedroom result from your body’s reaction to proteins from dust mites or mold. You have already noticed how a latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold. This means that this mattress is free from allergens. Switching to a pure latex mattress will give you relief from allergies all your round.



Lowering carbon footprint

Investing in a 100 percent pure latex mattress promotes the growth of rubber trees. Fortunately, latex is collected sap from the rubber tree without killing it. Plantations of rubber trees are grown to promote the sustainability of this natural resource. These trees help eliminate carbon monoxide from the environment. Therefore, sleeping on a latex mattress is helping to promote environmental sustainability. it eliminates the use of a mattress made from non-sustainable materials like foam.


No unpleasant odour

Latex mattresses come in various sizes and fittings to match your bed base. It makes it easy to choose the ideal mattress to meet your requirements. The best thing about a latex mattress is the propensity to avoid retaining unpleasant odours. This is a huge challenge for a mattress made of visco-elastic polyurethane foam. since a latex mattress has no unpleasant odours, you are more likely to enjoy better sleep.



Wrapping up

Quality sleep is an essential aspect of life since it significantly affects overall well being and health. The quality of your mattress determines how you wake up the next day. With multiple mattress options on the market including foam mattresses, one made with 100 percent pure latex is a great idea. Sleeping on a latex mattress comes with extreme comfort, low carbon footprint with no allergies and unpleasant odours. 


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