How to take care of your Mind, Body and Soul in the workplace

For most of us, an office is our place of work where we literally spend the best and longest conscious part of our day. I mean a typical day starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm.

There are many advantages to working indoors. Working in an office brings many benefits, heating, your own workspace, free amenities such as tea and coffee, environmental and social comfort as well as a host of other factors which is why of quite many individuals prefer the comfort of an indoor working environment.



To most of us, a job which requires you to work outdoors only seems appealing in the places where you can work at your own pace with little demand, or targets with the freedom to get involved in personal things. Although all of this sounds very appealing, it’s no secret that we don’t have the privilege of seeing the sun on a regular basis. With both indoor and outdoor jobs carrying several good and bad factors, it’s down to personal preference where you choose to work.

With many us working in an office environment and all the positives it brings, as furniture specialists, we thought we’d look at the downsides of sitting at a desk all day and how it affects your mental and physical well-being.


Your mind as an important part of your body, plays a big part of how you go about your day to day life. It’s no secret that we often find ourselves anxious and stressed when working and the mind picks up on sensations, sights and sounds which can often trigger these feelings.

As hard to believe as it is, there are certain changes and additions that can be made to an office environment to help boost the productivity of your mind. One of the ways to combat stress is to carefully consider the colour schemes used in the surroundings. From research, It has been discovered that the colour blue can associated with relaxation.

Another great addition to an office, especially if the job role is creative is indoor plants. Certain plants have been known to help aid creativity, productivity and even certain aspects of physical health.


It is important for us to understand that the mind and body work in sync so if you’re suffering from back pain because of poor posture due to working at a desk all day, your mind will start to lose concentration, thereby reducing your productivity levels.

It is important for us to understand that the mind and body work in sync so if you’re suffering from back pain because of poor posture due to working at a desk all day or sitting with a less than comfortable chair, your mind will start to lose concentration, thereby reducing your productivity levels.

Looking after your body is very important, not just if you work in an office, but also to avoid aches, pains and lack of concentration. Make sure you take regular breaks from your desk, even if it’s just to make a drink. Outside of work it’s important to exercise as much as you can. A huge number of people claim they don’t have time to exercise whilst working a full-time job, but it’s important to try and make the time.


The final area to look after is the soul and how we look after it really matters. What we consume on a day to day basis goes a long way in affecting how we work. I have come to realise that dehydration causes fatigue and loss of concentration so it’s important to keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day, to keep your body hydrated and to maintain a good level of concentration. When it comes to the food we consume, a lot of people find it hard to eat healthier when working in an office. This is not because they work in an office but because they seem to have let go of their consciousness towards how and what they eat.

Although office workers may find it harder to eat healthier, it’s important to try and snack on foods like snacks, fruit and yoghurt. If you struggle to exercise and sit at a desk all day, eating the sweeter treats will slowly start to affect your mental and physical health.

Sometimes simple but effective changes can heavily influence your output in the workplace. Making small tweaks to your surroundings can boost productivity, concentration, as well as combating stress and anxiety.

It might not be as easy as it seems but it’s very important that in whatever we do, we must make sure our consciousness is intact. Take care of your Body, Mind and Soul



Alabi Olusayo

A Blog Contributor, Digital Marketing Associate and Affiliate Marketing Manager at Hog Furniture.

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