Postural Benefits of Reclining Chairs

Postural Benefits of Reclining Chairs

Reclining furniture which are majorly chairs are stylish and comfortable leather furniture and are most commonly found in living rooms. The beauty of reclining furniture, popularly called recliners cannot be overemphasized. Asides being comfortable to sit and rest in, they are beneficial to one’s health in so many ways.

Recliners are similar to sofas but allow one to lower its back and put up its footrest leaving it in a reclining position. They are of different types which include classic recliners, rocker recliners, two-position recliners, wall hugging recliners, push-back recliners, massage chairs and lift chairs each with its unique beauty and health benefits. They are regarded as space-saving alternatives to ottomans.

Some of the benefits associated with recliners are;

  • Recliners elevate the feet above the heart level improving circulation of blood which is important to the adequate supply of blood to internal organs of the human body, natural reduction of stress and inflammation,

  • Stress relief which reduces the number of health problems which are directly and indirectly linked to stress such as heart problems,

  • Recliners help to open up the diaphragm and improve respiration thereby reducing risks of heartburn, sleep apnea and snoring,

  • They also aid the digestion process allowing the body to properly breakdown food,

  • Reduced back pain due to improved vertebral support,

  •  Ease of standing and sitting which is aided by the push of a button on the recliner,

  • Improved comfort and reduced achy joints as the recliners direct the muscles downwards and correct the angle of the joints,

  • Better posture which is associated with prevention of spinal deformities.

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Akintokun Adedamola Esther 

 A winner of NNPC Essay Competition and Graduate of Botany

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