HOG 5 types of pond pumps

 A pond requires essential equipment including a pump to work efficiently. Pond pumps come in various options making it hard for a new pond owner to make a choice. The pump is essential for pond filtration and water circulation. Additionally, a pond pump powers a waterfall, fountain, and stream while keeping avoiding water stagnation by encouraging movement. The pump also enhances oxygenation through distribution to deeper surfaces of the fountain or waterfall. 

Here are the options for pond pumps :

Feature Pond Pump

Designed to service the pond, feature pond pumps are relatively cheaper and use lower power. A quiet running feature pump draw water from a shallow pond. For those on a budget, you can use a fountain pump without the usual telescopic piece and fountainhead. The ideal fountain ump to substitute a feature pond pump should come with an outlet or hose tail. This allows turning the fountain pond pump into a feature pump.

Fountain pond pump

These are pumps for creating decorative displays. Fountain pumps have an oval body with a top having a tall pipe out. A regular fountain pump has a flow rate greater than 1000lph and supplied with a “T piece”. It is a flow diverter to make water divide to flow to the waterfall and to the fountain. The flow that goes to the fountain creates a wonderful decorative display.

The top pond fountain pumps come with about two to three-millimeter holes. These limit larger solids from passing through to the pump’s impeller into the fountainhead to block the fountain. Fountain pumps limit larger solids from going to the filter and debris buildup from affecting the pump cage performance. These pumps are usually for display and ornamental purposes. However, the ideal fountain pond pump maintains water flow to avoid breakdown of the pond filtration system.

fountain pond pumps

Filter pumps

The most significant purpose of these pumps is filtering solids. Filter pumps are the lifeblood of ponds to encourage 24/7 water flow. These ponds work for longer hours and you need one that runs efficiently throughout the year. The ideal filter pump should come with a good warranty at an affordable price. A good filter pond handles larger waste solid particles of about four to twelve millimeters.

The pump pumps out the matter up the attached pond hose. A filter can also pick the waste filter after restraining by mechanical filtration. Afterward, the solids are picked out of the pond water. A filter pump efficiently encourages water flow while powering the waterfall. The ideal filter pump should run cost-effective for continuous running.

High-pressure pond pumps

A high-pressure pond pump offers more bang for your bucks. This pump has higher flow rates that can drop slowly when pushed to greater head heights. High-pressure pumps are not reliable as filter pumps and can’t work 24/7. The key feature of these pond pumps is the float switch that switches off the pump when the water drops to a shallow level. High-pressure pumps are ideal for pond-less waterfalls. Their cost-effectiveness makes these pumps very effective as backup or reserve pumps during emergencies.


Dry mounted pond pumps

These pond pumps don’t need submerging underwater making them easier to maintain. Dry mounted pumps are easier to position and require an intake hose without creating space for a submersible pump. This makes using this pump ideal for koi keeping where a gravity-fed filtration system is applied to draw water from the pond bottom. The gravity power pushed the water out to the filter without use of a pump. After going through the gravity filter, the water goes back into the pond.


Submersible versus non-submersible pond pumps

Entirely submerged in the pond water, submersible pumps have better efficiency with the water pressure naturally forcing water into the pump without using energy. Submerging the pump requires no manual priming to save time. Non-submersible pumps are much louder and look out of place affecting aesthetics. A submersible pump is ideal to make everything look natural in the best way possible.

However, a non-submersible pump allows quick and easy access to the pump but prone to theft, vandalism, and installation implications. Additionally, surface mounted pond pumps are less energy efficient compared to submersible pumps. Water moves out of the pond through suction force to reach the pump after using more power. With time, you are likely to end up with a huge energy bill when operating this kind of pond pump.

Wrapping up

Having a pond in your outdoors comes with various benefits increasing enhancing your property value. However, keeping your pond running efficiently through the year requires regular maintenance and installing appropriate accessories including a pump. These come in varieties including fountain pump, feature pump, high-pressure pump, and dry mounted pump. Your choice of pond pump should match your pond purpose, budget, and ease of use.  

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