6 Reasons you should consider Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Rattan wood belongs to the palm family and grows mainly in the Southeast Asia. It has a durability and flexibility that makes it ideal for making furniture.

 synthetic rattan

Rattan furniture can be made from two materials: the synthetic Rattan and the Natural Rattan.

The Natural Rattan furniture cannot withstand being in the open for long as it is susceptible to mold when it is damp. Constant exposure to sunlight, rain or continual changes in temperature or humidity would affect Natural rattan furniture and break it apart, even if it is treated with UV protectant.

Synthetic Rattan furniture is mostly used for outdoor furnishings as they can withstand all sort of weather conditions and last longer than the Natural rattan furniture. It is also less expensive than the Natural ones.

Synthetic rattan

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Synthetic rattan furniture is gaining more popularity as many believed it has more character, looks more prestigious and can be used indoors as well but this is a matter of personal preferences.

Here are some reasons you should consider Rattan Furniture

It's Aesthetic Appeal

Rattan is a strong palm plant that grows vertically. When making rattan furniture, it is steamed and bent into the desired shape. It retained this shape permanently once it is dried. Both the natural and the synthetic one are woven the same way and comes in different styles and shapes and it adds elegance to your garden or patio.

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It has high Adaptability

Rattan furniture can be used anywhere. It works in all locations, either indoor or outdoor and can easily fit into spaces of all styles and types. It blends with anything ranging from traditional to modern styles and adds to the look of the space as a whole. Either you use it in the garden, on the deck, on your balcony, rattan furniture looks fantastic there!

It is light in weight but very strong

Compare to other bulky and heavy outdoor furniture, it has the advantage of being light in weight, yet it is very strong. This quality makes it the top and the only choice for many people as it's almost weightlessness makes it easy to move around. The fact that it is also very strong makes it a perfect choice for outdoor purpose.

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It is easy to maintain

Rattan furniture is relatively easy to maintain and to take care of. By following few easy rules, this furniture would last for years after its purchase.

  1. Whenever you need to move it, always lift it since it is lightweight and never drag it because this can cause damage.
  2. The feet can be protected with rubber stoppers or felt pads to prevent splintering.
  3. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth with dish washing liquid and water for the regular cleaning and you can use a small brush to get the dirt out of the hidden crevices. The chairs should be completely dry before replacing the cushions if it has one.
  4. It can also be thoroughly cleaned once in a year by spraying with dishwashing solution and hosing it down completely but make sure it is dry thoroughly in the sun as being damp may cause mildew.
  5. When it is completely dry, you can make it more weather-proof by spraying it with waterproof lacquer or sealant.
  6. Rather than moving it in and out of the house to protect it against the harsh weather, you can protect it with easily removable furniture covers when they are not in use.

It has boundless Variety

As earlier mentioned, Rattan has the ability to be shaped into almost any form and as a result, they are produced in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. This allows anyone, no matter your preference or budget to be able to find something that will suit their taste.

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It is Eco-friendly

Apart from the fact that Rattan furniture completely transforms the entire appearance of your outdoor space, it is also eco-friendly. In addition to creating a relaxing environment where friends and family can mingle and relax, it would also be beneficial to the environment as well.

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Mobolaji Olanrewaju, 

A guest contributor on HOG Furniture Blog , a Travel consultant and a Creative Fiction Writer.  She has B.SC in biochemistry and MBA in Business Administration (Human Resources). 

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