Accessories and Decor  Every Reception Needs

The Reception being the first contact that every potential investor, visitor or any person who walks into a company or office meets, is required to be welcoming and inviting. The Reception needs to leave a lasting first impression of comfort, efficiency and standard in the minds of these persons. Thus, proper attention and deliberate consideration must be undertaken in designing the reception of an office, company or firm.

Some Accessories and Decor that would make your Reception welcoming, as well as fit for purpose, include:-

 Coat Hanger and Umbrellas Rack

Your reception would be rightly equipped with a coat hanger and umbrella holder, particularly in this raining season. Finding a place to safe keep this item while waiting or walking in for business would win you a heart.

coat Hnager


Artwork have the distinctive grace of making a statement as well as engaging the eyes and mind. Having artwork with flowers or nature expression can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere at your reception.


Plants & Flowers

 As an extension of artworks, plants can create a cool and cozier feel around your reception area. They also improve the quality of air.

Comfy Seats

The Reception area also doubles as the waiting area most times. People are not known particularly for their patience in waiting. Having Comfortable seats might make them forget about the stress of their day.

Magazine Racks

If people have to wait in your reception area, it is wisdom to help them find a pass time. Magazines provides that engaging distraction, providing them in a rack speaks of efficiency.

Side Table

A side table to place magazine on, place personal effects on is a wise addition to your reception area. Your visitor cannot help but like them.

Extra Lighting or Lamps

Lights have a way of creating ambiance,having additional lights in your reception area brightens up things, creates a relaxing effect, your visitors might find it hard to rouse themselves from your reception area when it is time to leave.

Adeyemi Adebimpe

A guest contributor on HOG Furniture Blog is a law student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

Loves to write, read, travel, paint and talk.

A fan of the outdoor and adventure. Her everyday fantasy is to see the whole world.

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