Back To School Checklist For Parents

Its that time of the year again. Getting ready for the back to school period can become quite tasking and overwhelming.

Apart from buying new books, shoes, back packs, lunch box, a pair of stockings etc. There are so many other things to do and they can easily be forgotten. Hopefully, this list will help ease your frustrations of the back to school mayhem, and make sure everything in the Back To School Checklist is marked.

1) Scissors:

This hand-operated shearing tool is very important especially to teenagers in Secondary School. The pair of metal blades can be used in cutting paper, cloth & materials for projects like designing a card, sewing or any other school practical.

2) Ruler:

Get a pack if you can, this instrument will definitely be used in class to rule straight lines and measure distances. Also used in technical drawing, engineering and geometry.



3) School Uniform, Stockings And Shoe:

Let me guess, the old stockings are already worn out. You should get new ones and a pair of shoe too. Don't forget to call the school about the new school uniform.




4) Lunch Box:

Change the lunch box, you have no idea how kids pride with their lunch box. The newer the better.



5) Pens:

Popularly called 'Biro'. The tiny object used to apply ink to a paper surface, either writing or drawing. You know what they say, a student without his pen is like a farmer without his hoe.



6) Pencils And Cleaners:

Practically, you need millions of these. Get as much as possible before school starts, and give to your kids whenever they ask for one, which is probably daily.



7) Pencil Sharpener:

You need this for sharpening a pencil by shaving away its worn surface.



8) Kids Study Table And Chair:

Kids doing their assignments in bed or on the couch can take several hours. Get this beautiful study table and chair.



9) Back pack:

What's the condition of the old backpack? Please don't answer that, just change it. Get a new one, your kids will thank you for it.



10)Pencil Case:

If you don't want your kids asking for a new pencil daily, then you need this portable container for your kids to store pencils and other writing materials.




Maths is compulsory every term of any class. Your kids need this portable calculator to perform calculations, from complex mathematics to fundamental arithmetic.

12) Exercise Books:

These notebooks are as essential as your kid's breakfast before leaving the house. They will be used to copy down schoolwork and notes. You can get as many as possible, because they will need different exercise book for separate lesson or subject.


13) Graph Paper:

Depending on your kid's grade, this will be needed for making graphs, record-keeping and calculations in class.



14) Colored Pencils:

Kids from nursery and grade 1-6 needs this. Popularly called 'crayon', can be used  for art and drawings.



15) Set of Mathematical Instruments:

This is very necessary for mathematics and geometry lessons for secondary school students. It consists of two set squares, a 180° protractor, dividers, a 15 cm ruler, a pencil sharpener, a metal compass, a 9 cm pencil, an eraser and a 10mm stencil.


Here is Special BACK2SCHOOL Bundle for your kids.



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