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Looking for best mattresses to buy at affordable prices in Nigeria?

HOG Furniture provides your with the best brands of mattresses at best prices.

Below are list of mattresses you can buy on


An orthopedic mattress is a mattress designed to support the joints, back and overall body. With orthopaedic mattresses, one can be confident of no back pain, better sleep, disease resistance and reduced stress levels. Apart from being economical, orthopedic mattresses are excellent for couples due to their anti-rolling effect.
Orthopedic mattresses come in hard and soft categories. The most common soft Orthopedic mattress are Vita Spring Flex mattress, Vita Spring Firm Nanine Orthopedic spring mattress Monroe Orthopedic Spring Mattress Monroe Orthopedic and Magno orthopedic spring mattress.
The price of an Orthopedic mattress falls within the range of NGN 56,000-NGN130,000 depending on the size.


Soft Mattresses are generally better for those who sleep on their side, as they better cushion the shoulders and hips. On the side, a softer mattress better aligns the spine, too. Although soft mattresses can distort spinal alignment and could be more expensive than hard ones, thy are good for slimmer and lighter people as they tend to enjoy the plushness without having to sacrifice spinal support.

Most common variety of Soft Mattress are Flora Mouka Mattress, Legend Mouka Mattress and Modeo Mouka Mattress.

Their price range is within NGN 30,000 – NGN 85,000 depending on the sizes as they can be customized into different sizes.


Hard Mattress facilitate neutral spine location keeping the body straighter, reduce the pressure on circulation system making blood flow easier and better. Studies have suggested that hard mattresses are not a good option for people with certain lower back problems (arthritis, rheumatism, scoliosis, etc.).

Most common variety of Soft Mattresses are Vita Supreme Mattress, Vita Galaxy Mattress and Vita Grand Mattress.

Their price range is within NGN 25,000 – NGN 90,000 depending on the sizes as they can be customized into different sizes and shapes.


These quality mattresses of medium density foam are covered with non-quilted textile and tape-edged to meet the sleeping comfort of young and middle-aged persons who admire quality and style. It is top choice for schools, youngsters and kids’ rooms easily fitting into their bed space or bunkbeds.

Ordinary mattresses support different sleep positions and they are perfect fit for adjustable beds.

The most common variety of Ordinary Mattresses amongst others are Vita Shine, Vita Corona and Mouka Sunshine with prices ranging from NGN30,000 – NGN60,000 depending on the sizes as they can be customized into different sizes and shapes. 


This product combines the functionality of a soft and firm mattress. One side of the mattress provides orthopaedic support for users while the opposite side serves users who like soft foam. It is also a multi-functional mattress in a class of its own.

The price range is between NGN66,000-NGN128,000 depending on the sizes and shape.


This is a two in one mattress which offers two great options of Comfort in one composite unit. It is very soft on one side while the other side is firm and strong.

It is offered as a single composite or as two-halved units held together with strong durable fasteners. This product offers enhanced durability, resilience and versatility for hospital industry.

The price range is between NGN68,000-NGN131,000 depending on the sizes and shape.


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