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What is a mattress? What’s in a mattress? Black lives matter, animal lives matter now mattress lifespan matters? Why all the fuss about mattresses? Derived from the Arabic word, Matrah, a mattress is that soft and comfortable stuff that we relax and sleep on. The mattresses we have today are descendants of the Arabic Matrah which usually consisted of feathers or horsehair encased in quilts.

Mattresses are usually rectangular or square-ish, depending on the size. Some mattresses have been known to come in circular or octagonal shapes based on the customer’s preference.

These soft and comfy contraptions are more important than they have come to be known. They should enjoy celebrity status but they modestly exist, stationary edifices, gracing our bedrooms while selflessly providing physical and mental comfort. As we hinted earlier, mattresses consist of a case and a core or inner support. The case is usually made of some heavy,  soft cloth or a quilt (two or three different fabrics sewn together. Some quilted cases are made of luxurious jacquard while others are made of more affordable poly-cotton.


Spring Mattress

The core or inner support can be made of feathers, horse hair, rubber foam, metal springs, water or air. Take for instance this Royal Marvel spring jacquard fully quilted mattress. As you can see and tell, the outer casing is made of jacquard while the inner core is made of metal springs that are topped with felt and flexible foam. Spring mattresses differ according to the type of casing and the type and number of springs. Usually, the more the springs, the better the support.


Foam Mattress

Some other mattress’ inner support is made of rubber foam with different densities that affect how soft or strong the foam is. Here below is a Royal Amarya mattress with a colorfully vibrant poly cotton casing. It’s core is made of 14 density foam and can come in different sizes. The density of the foam is different from the size of the mattress. You could have foam mattresses with density as high as 40. The higher the density, the stronger the support.


Water Mattress

Some inner cores are made of water. Water beds are usually prescribed by orthopaedic doctors for people with spinal injuries or some other form of ailment that confines them to the bed. Some people however buy water beds for novelty purposes or as a matter of preference. There are different types of water mattresses. 

They include waveless, free flow and the semi wave water mattress. Some times, water mattresses are classified according to the presence or absence of a bed frame which usually wooden. 


Air Mattress

There are also mattresses that are filled with air. The air in these mattresses are filled in chambers. It will be better to choose one with at least two chambers. Some air mattresses can be adjusted with less air providing a softer or weaker support. Some also come with separate or in-built pumps while you may be required to get a pump separately with others.

It is important to note that no particular type of mattress is the best. It all depends on the individual needs of the user, budget and available space. Mattresses are important because they help the muscles and bones rest and recuperate after the day’s activities. Good physical comfort helps the mind function at its optimum level and results in increased general well being.

So maybe you’ve started feeling the springs of your sprung mattress poking your flesh and making track marks on your skin or a growing portion of your foam mattress is becoming a valley, with this exposé you can sleep easy knowing that you can get your specific choice from the wide variety of mattress types, sizes and prices available on www.hogfurniture.com.ng

Matthew Imerhion

Matthew was brought up on classic movies, jazz, rock and reggae.

He has always loved creative arts despite studying some social science course. He has recorded a couple of songs (dope rap songs I must say), worked as a copywriter in a few advertising agencies but  now does freelance for free Wi-Fi connection. He prefers writing motivational and inspiring pieces in the form of poems, articles, short stories or songs.


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Geoffrey Abagu

Geoffrey Abagu

I love your products especially the mattresses

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