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Hammocks are a blessed existence, with their destiny being to deliver maximum relaxation. Hammocks will handle the relaxation bit, and all we have to do is choose wisely. It’s the little things that make all the difference, so take your time and put in some research to get the hammock best suited for your garden/backyard or home needs. Here’s our quick guide to help make that selection

The Portable Hammock

When shopping hammocks, you’ll often run into the term portable hammock. These allow the user to set up their hammock anywhere that has a flat ground. There is no need for trees, ropes, or additional gear – the system is self-contained. Quality portable folding hammocks are considerate of budget, storage, and weight requirements.

Portable folding hammocks are sometimes also called Stand Hammocks. That’s because they include a supporting system (stand) to place the hammock. If your backyard does not have trees placed right, a portable hammock is the way to go. When not required, these hammocks and supports can be dismantled for easy storage.

Portable folding hammocks are available in several styles, the popular ones being the classic hammock style and the cot style. Both these styles can include additional features like canopies, extra storage, wheels for easy movement, and multipurpose use.

While there is some time involved in assembly for setting up these hammocks, it is often no more trouble than setting up a conventional hammock. Plus, the freedom to place the hammock wherever you please often outweighs other concerns.

For use in the backyard, I favor these hammocks for the convenience of being able to set them anywhere.

The Classic Hang Hammock

If you can’t be bothered by stands, the classic hang hammock is a quintessential favorite. It requires some expertise from the user and the presence of physical supports like trees and hooks. Take extra care in picking your hammock straps and suspension. If you’re tying the hammock to the trees, be careful not to damage the bark of the tree.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hammock

Once you’ve chosen on the type of hammock you want, there are a few other considerations to take note of. Here they are:

Suggested Weight Limit

Hammocks come with a recommended/suggested weight limit that they can safely handle. If you’re using a hang hammock, also consider the recommended weight listing for the straps and suspension you’re using. The latter usually have a higher weight rating than hammock fabric, but it is worth checking anyway.

Whatever the hammock weight rating is, keep a small safe zone to ensure that you always stay comfortably below the recommended limit. Most hammocks won’t buckle if you go slightly above the recommended limits, but it’s a much healthier practice to stay well below those numbers.

Choosing The Fabric And Construction

Two popular variants here are the rope hammock and solid fabric hammock. A rope hammock is usually a weave made from cotton or polyester. The large weave construction makes the hammock well-ventilated. It is best suited for warmer, perhaps tropical climates. Though the construction is great for comfort, it offers little by way of protection from the elements.

A solid fabric may be made from cotton, polyester or similar materials. The solid striped fabric pattern may practically be considered ubiquitous. These hammocks are more durable and may be considered for slightly colder climates. The fabric can still be well-ventilated, though of course not as ventilated the weave on rope hammocks.

Longevity And Value For Money

Cost and value for money are often the biggest decision points. A relief here is that most hammocks are reasonably priced. Even portable hammocks with stands can work with modest budgets. Considering the wide variety available, you can usually get a highly-rated hammock for a decent price.

Longevity is the more important factor here. Rather than choosing a “cheap” hammock, pick one that can last for years. The cost difference is often a few bucks, but a product that lasts for several seasons is a better proposition than one that barely lasts a couple of seasons.

Additional Features And Accessories

Since we are considering home use here, we can consider a good variety of suited options. As mentioned earlier, some hammocks include canopies to protect against the sun. Additional pockets for storage are also available, or put a side table near the hammock to hold your beverages, gadgets, and other things.

In many cases, paying extra for accessories could as easily be replicated by employing things already available at your home. Essentially, you have more options available and can make a choice that works best for your wallet.

Single Or Double Hammock?

For home use, I’ll generally recommend a double hammock. There’s more space and kids and pets can get on/off the hammock more easily. Of course, the biggest benefit is that you can enjoy the hammock as a couple. The snug and cocooning effect of a hammock can often be very romantic.

Overall, the choice between single and double is dependent on your use. Some people can find double to be too wide or inconvenient. A single hammock can conveniently handle the weight and space requirements of an adult and a small child or pet. Just keep an eye on that weight limit!

Harsh Paul. 

I am an enthusiastic writer and my main field of writing is traveling. This lifestyle inspires me to write everything I see with great enjoyment

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