Keep Your Precious Little Ones Safe: Child-Proofing Your Furniture

Keep Your Precious Little Ones Safe: Child-Proofing Your Furniture

Having little kids is such a precious thing, and more often than not, the thought that is foremost on your mind as a parent will be to protect them and make sure they come to no harm.

In the course of protecting them, here are the more obvious things like keeping them out of the kitchen, locking doors, putting things that can hurt them out of reach. All obvious things, and all are very important.

But, the easily overlooked things like your home furniture can put your lovelies in harm's way, especially when they begin to crawl, and then walk. You can't buy new baby-proof furniture now, can you? Well, maybe you can, but it is more economical to baby-proof your present furniture.


1.     Sharp Corners

The time between when your child starts to crawl and then walk is such a delicate point in their lives, and even yours. They will be all over the place, and while you might be there to catch them when they fall, and move things out of their way, this will not always be so. No matter how hard you try, you will not always be there. To protect them in your absence, it is important you ensure that there are no sharp edges, or corners of your furniture for them to fall on. As a means of precaution, soften the edges of your furniture so that your precious ones don’t end up with an injury every time you look away.

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2.   Furniture that can fall

One of the most dangerous furniture to your babies are the ones that can move. No parent wants to imagine the horror of a small bookshelf , or a chair falling over while their baby is trying to lean on it for support. Ensure that all moveable furniture are very sturdy, at least, sturdy enough to support a child without tipping over, or even wobbling.

If you are not very certain about the sturdiness, a good alternative will be to anchor your furniture, that way, you will be comfortable in the security provided.

3.   Eliminate Trip Fall

Babies are not as surefooted as adults, so it will come as no surprise that they are more prone to tripping over carelessly arranged furniture. They don’t know to be careful they way an adult would, so, if you don’t want your baby falling down all the time, be careful with how you arrange your furniture. It pays to adopt an open floor plan where most of your furniture are closer to the wall, and there is more space for the child to play.

 The truth is that you will not be able to take care of all the possible furniture related dangers your child might face. So, take it a step at a time, and deal with the most obvious ones first. As you get to know and understand your child more, you’ll know how they move and what could be of potential danger to them.


Agbaje Olohuntosin Omolara 

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