Questions to ask when choosing a coffee table

Asides sofa, living room furniture is incomplete without coffee tables. The living room coffee tables, usually mounted at the centre of the room, come in different varieties. In order not to have a hard time making your selection, you need to ask the five questions below:

1. What do you need?

Keep in mind that the living room and family room coffee tables are used differently. The latter, which is used more often, stays rough. Depending on the decoration of the living room, you might want to opt for a formal or informal coffee table. Glass coffee tables with delicate surfaces are better placed in the living room. However, glass tops are not ideal for family rooms because of their fragility. They are also prone to scratches and finger marks. The ones without frames with sharp corners can cause accidents especially when children are involved because they have sharp corners. For the family room, you may want to go for rugged coffee tables probably with drawers.

2. What is its use?

 It is not unusual to use the coffee table as the centerpiece of the room. When the coffee table serves this purpose, ensure that its style, material, size, surface colour, and surface finish stand out.

3. Which material is preferable?

There are several choices of coffee table material to choose from. With wood taking the lead, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for this. Examine your room and other furniture to know what works best. Naturally glass and clear acrylic make a small room look bigger. While stone, acrylic, metal, and glass transform the modern room, darker wood such as walnut or mahogany materials looks better in a traditional room. Leather is durable and can work well in a variety of settings. You should consider the durability of the material especially when you have toddlers.

4. What kind of shape and size works best?

The seat configuration is important when determining the shape and size of the coffee table. A rectangular or oval coffee table works best for smaller rooms. Square and round coffee tables work best with large seating arrangements. Then round or oval tables are a better option for children because they don’t have sharp edges. In determining the size, consider the scale and actual measurements. One tip is to select a coffee table that is no more than two-thirds of the sofa’s total length. It should be of the same height as the seat of the sofa. Remember to leave some space around the coffee table for the legs.

5. Would it have additional functionality?

The functionality of the coffee table depends on its usage. While most coffee tables have flat surfaces on base, there are other features. Go for coffee tables with additional shelves, drawers, or compartments particularly for other purposes.

What other questions would you ask yourself?

 Share your view in the comment box.

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