Sofa and Couch-What you need to know

Sofa and Couch-What you need to know

Though not that very distinct; A sofa and a couch has some notable differences. This implies despite their similarities; we can’t deny that a few differences do exist. It is an undeniable fact that quite a lot of people think and use both words as synonyms but they have a few different characteristics. Discussing their characteristics in terms of History, Structure/Shape, Size and function would help to point out the major differences between these two.


By way of history, “Sofa” is a word with its origin from the Arabic term “Suffah”. This term is used to describe a bench covered with blankets and cushions. “Couch” on the other hand has a French origin from the word “couche”. Couche is a piece of furniture traceable to the Victorian era. 


On structure and shape, Sofas usually have two armrests and a uniform back while couches generally have one or no armrest at all with a tapered back. 

Size matters.

Size is what brings in the remarkable difference between a Sofa and a Couch. Sofas are designed to provide more seating space. This brings to mind the sectional sofas, L-shaped sofas and many others. It is safe to say that Sofas occupy more floorspace as they usually provide seating for minimum of four.

Couches on the other hand can comfortably seat a maximum of three persons and are therefore more compact compared to Sofas and also occupy less floor space.


Speaking of functions, Sofas are generally perceived as formal and such are used in living rooms because they give out a kind of elegant and classy vibe.

Couches are a little less formal which made them suitable for casual and informal settings like entertainment room or cozy living space.

With all these characteristics, the most important thing is choosing the most suitable piece for your space. HOG is the top online store for varieties of Sofa, Lounges and couches that will keep you elated all time and every time.

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