Tips on how to choose the ideal Throw pillow

Throw pillows have become a household accessory staple that adds colour, comfort and pleasure to all concerned. Whether for relaxation or decoration, throw pillows remain a handful home must-have in recent times. There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal throw pillow. They include:

The Colour

This is the first thing you see. Basically, an accent throw pillow should be complemented with the sofa or chair. This implies it should either blend in or stand out. You can achieve this by matching with a similar colour to the piece of furniture or look for something that is distinct and contrasting.

The Pattern

Remember patterns are meant to enhance colours and fabrics in the room. Too many patterns end up looking messy and busy. When using complementary colours, a patterned pillow on a solid fabric would be a great combination. If the piece has a pattern already, a solid pillow would be ideal to soften the appearance.


The Shape

Throw pillows come in different shapes. The most common shape is square.  These look good on just about any sofa, chair or bed. Another is the rectangular pillows, they are probably the most common and versatile shape. They look nice when placed on chair seats leaning against the chair back. Box pillows, which can be square or round or even rectangular, have more depth (usually two inches) than regular pillows and can add dimension to any spot they are mounted. Round pillows are now uncommon and while they can look on certain pieces, they don’t fit on all furniture styles.

 The Size

The throw pillows should always be in proportion to whatever piece of furniture it is placed on e.g. a small pillow on a king-size bed or three-seater sofa would get lost. The same thing for an oversized pillow on a side chair, it would look out of place. Throw pillows should work with the piece of furniture to complement and enhance them.

The Texture

The texture is an important aspect of any room. The soft can be layered on something harder, or something shiny can be placed a top something milder. However, if you're using a lot of patterns, colours or embellishments this becomes unnecessary.

The Embellishments

Embellishments do a lot to enhance the look of throw pillows. These may include details ribbons, brooches, sequins, and even small mirror accents. However, you must be careful that the pillow is not just for fancy, you might need to lean or rest on it. Hence, no need for embellished throw pillows that make you feel uncomfortable.


We hope these few tips will guide you in your next purchase of Throw Pillow.


Akpo Patricia Uyeh 

Shes a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who has attended many conferences, workshops and training. 

She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

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