Top 10 Office Chairs On HOG Furniture

This piece includes a comprehensive up to date list on the best ten office and conference chairs on sale at HOG furniture.

• Flexi Mesh Ergonomic Chair with headrest:

Arguably the successor of the initial flexi mesh chair which comes without a headrest, this seat dons a sleek mesh backrest and headrest. Sporting an ergonomic design and fine fabric upholstery. The mesh makes for a perfect lumbar support, eliminating back aches that may result from poor sitting posture. 

Capped with a swivel base to aid multitasking and mobility, this spectacle goes for a grand price of N84,000.

Flexi Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

• Serven Smile Hi-Back Drafting Stool:

Ideal for businesses with counter stores; banks, markets, malls, et al; this edifice sold for a reasonable price of N31,500. 

Its features which make it a must get for businesses includes a swivel base support which means better and faster services owing to its super smooth 360° mobility. A cushioned back, curved armrests and perfect upholstery for relaxed sitting gives it an edge over others in its category.

drafting stool

• Ergolax Office Chair:

A fine price of N26,000 sets this great piece of furniture in the limelight. 

Donning a swivel base ad standard casters, the Ergolax sports an adjustable height (seat and armrests,) proving the most comfy in its range. Its stain resistant upholstery makes it all the more a piece to be owned.

Ergolux Office Chair

• Rib Mesh High back Swivel with head rest:

A mesh headrest and a heavy duty nylon base makes this seat desirable to all. Its swivel base and a fire retardant foam comes in handy in mobility and emergency. 

All for a grand price of N56,700.

Rib Mesh High-Back Swivel Task Chair

• Flexi Mesh Ergonomic Chair:

A mesh backrest and an ergonomic design suiting its build, the predecessor of the flexi mesh with a headrest dons a sleek leg design, fabric upholstery and great armrests. 

For a fine price of 72,000.

Flexi Mesh Ergonomic office Chair

• Rib Mesh Mid back Swivel:

This chair makes it mark with its distinct features  which includes a heavy-duty nylon base for seating comfort, dual wheel coasters for super smooth mobility, mesh backrest for lumbar support and a fire retardant foam. It's mid-back backrest serves to keep users alert while providing comfort and support. 

Sold for a grand price of N54,700.

Rib Mesh Mid-Back Swivel office Chair

• Ribcoz Senior Executive Chair:

Look no further for a chair befitting royalty than this edifice. A well designed build to suit any body posture, its molded and padded armrests leave its user at ease. 

Although sporting a fixed height, a single position tilt lock makes it irresistible. For long working hours and peel resistant leather upholstery, this seat fits the bill like a boss. Sold for a sweet price — N67,000

Ribcoz Senior Executive office Chair

• Boss Executive Visitor Chair:

Looking to treat that special guest to a nice time at the office, here's the furniture that suits it. 

Easily assembled parts and standard height and design makes this N39,000 dynamo a must have in offices. Lavishly cushioned with fine leather and finished chromed steel, it really is a spectacle to behold.


• Massage Recliner Leather Chair :

Reclining Leather Office Chair is tailored in leather and padded with high density soft sponge, this luxurious high back executive chair is ideal for office or home use.

The comfortable padded cushions, coupled with solid PVC back upholstery, create a sophisticated yet relaxed addition to any office, board room or home study. 

Fit for a boss! 

Sold for a grand price of ₦350,000


• Luxury Senior Executive Chair:

As the name implies, it leaves it user feeling like a boss, and added advantage being its super cushioned upholstery made of peel resistant leather and material and a full backrest for proper lumbar support. 

Suitable for any body posture, this edifice sells for N47,000.

Luxury Senior Executive Office Chair

You must be wooed by now!

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