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Reliable security doors are essential to properties. These security doors can protect a home, a room, or a safe and withstand harsh forces such as storms, fires, earthquakes, and smoke. It provides extra protection, keeping unwanted people and insects from entering. 

Installing a security door can be a beneficial tool for the sole reason alone that it’s the first layer of protection a property has against external threats. There are different sizes, shapes, and materials security doors use. Some examples are aluminum and steel doors.

Knowing the varieties and durability of each door can help you decide which is the best. Below is a discussion of the benefits of installing security doors and the importance of safety.  

Benefits of Installing a Security Door

  • Provides high levels of safety
  • Whether it is an office building or a home, having high-level protection is necessary to ensure the safety of the people. Many threats may cause harm to people, including harsh weather conditions and criminals. 

    Installing security doors makes it difficult for any exterior threats to cause distress or damage to the property and people. 

  • Guards the property
  • There will be moments when the house or office is unattended. A security door ensures that nobody will be able to enter without proper authorization. This gives many business owners and homeowners peace of mind that they can leave the property unattended for a while. Its primary goal is to reduce risks and provide security with or without the owner’s presence.

  • Cuts down expenses
  • Aside from providing protection, having security doors is an investment that people may not realize. Without a security door, the probability of dealing with property damage is higher, resulting in extra expenses in the long run. Reducing the risk of any damage using a sturdy door cuts down renovation and restoration costs.

  • Improves property aesthetics
  • It may not directly relate to increasing security, but security doors can add a different aesthetic. It can add a more professional taste to the environment in an office. Some people work better in an ideal workplace, so having a decent office plan can boost productivity.

  • Provides many varieties
  • You can choose from several options when buying a security door. These doors can be single and double doors, laser doors, mesh doors, and can come with a stainless steel security wire. Depending on the security door’s purpose, one type may be better than the other.

  • It is customizable
  • There are different options when choosing a security door. Whichever it is, you can modify it to your liking. An example is a button system security. A person can input a password, making them the only one who can enter. Professionals can help modify these doors to ensure it provides maximum protection.


    Source: Titan Metal Products

    Types of Doors

    Before installing a door, it is essential to be aware of the different kinds in the market since some work better than others, depending on the circumstances. Below is a list of the different types of security doors and where they perform the best.

  • Single security doors
  • These doors are the most common. A significant characteristic of this type of door is that it is customizable. People can modify it however they want to match their needs, ensuring high-level security for either a home or a workspace.

  • Double security doors
  • Double security doors are ideal for homes with sliding glass. These have primary and secondary doors. The homeowner can choose to open the second door if they wish or close it for better security.

  • Button system
  • A popular security door today incorporates the button system. It is attached to the handle of a door, and a person will need to know the numerical passcode to enter. This makes it much harder for threats to enter a property and override the technology than traditional locks. 

  • Phone entry systems
  • Homeowners can install a password on their phones to grant them entry to their house. A voice ID is also an available option other than the password. This kind of security works well with residents with a CCTV system installed, and it is also cheaper.

  • Trellis doors
  • This kind of door is typically made of iron. People can retract or lock it with a single swipe and install a bolt or lock to increase its security. Many use this kind of door outside the main entrance for maximum protection.

    Tips on Installation

  • Look for a licensed installer
  • It is wise to look for an expert to install the right door. There are many kinds to choose from, and figuring out which works best can be confusing. An expert will provide insights into the best option for your specific use.

  • Have a reliable team
  • Apart from having an expert’s guidance, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and well-experienced team to work on the project. Something as important as a security door should not have faults since its primary goal is to provide security, so having the right team is just as essential.

  • Research on suppliers

    There are many things to consider when installing a security door. Teaming up with a reputable supplier is a crucial step in the process. Suppliers are part of the team that builds the door, so having a dedicated group is necessary. 

  • Do quality checks
  • Once the team has finished the installation, remember to evaluate its performance. Testing how it works and understanding its components makes it easier to operate. However, it is not just the end that people should inspect the security door. Checking before and during the process ensures that there are no faults.

    Protect What Matters Most

    As discussed above, there is a variety of doors you can check out in the market. Understanding the purpose and functions allows anyone to establish a well-protected property. Additionally, remembering the security practices such as modifying features and using bolts and locks adds an extra layer of protection. 

    Many people are concerned with their security. If not appropriately guarded, people can find ways to hack or break into places. Technology continues to evolve, and that evolution can result in more advanced threats. Whatever the reason, it is time to consider installing a security door that works best with efficient success.  

    Authors Bio.: Diana San Diego

    Diana San Diego has over 15 years of experience in the architectural glazing industry and over 17 years of experience in public relations and marketing. As the Vice President of Marketing at SAFTI FIRST, O’Keeffe’s Inc. and Titan Metal Products, she oversees the advertising, content management, media relations, promotional activities and communication initiatives for these companies.

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