You got a new house? How to get started furnishing it

You got a new house? How to get started furnishing it

Congratulations on the acquisition of a new house. We applaud you for staying committed to the mortgage plan. Now, you have your dream house, that sweet home. Furnishing the new house may be the last thing on your list, the steps below will help curtail overspending. 


It is a wise decision to save cash for the furniture to be acquired. Earmarking some amount of money for furniture for home owners is the best way to buy. You need to know how much to save for the furniture you need to get.

If you had bought the house without earmarking money for furniture, you will have to save to get them. Alternatively, you may need to live with empty spaces while you save to get those desired furniture.

Another approach to this is to apply for Hog Easy Pay. Hog Easy pay allows you to buy any furniture of choice at lease and pay at a later date at reasonable interest rate.

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Due to limited resources, you will need to set priorities for the furniture to be purchased. Form the habit of putting priority first in your buying guide. Buy the furniture that are essential to the new house first.

Identify the most pressing furniture, get them to buy others at a later date.


If you have plenty of cash to let go, always buy a piece of furniture that will serve the practical and decorative function. This won’t only fill up the empty spaces, it will also show off your style. Always go for furniture that will add visual interest to the space.


You can shop for any furniture of choice and pay at ease. Buying furniture and paying later will be a responsible financial decision to take especially when you are cash trapped for essential things. Hog Easy Pay powered by Fundquest allows you to buy at lease and pay in installment at your own convenience.

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Nwajei Babatunde
Content creator for Hog Furniture. 

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