5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Create your unique gallery wall with these tips

A gallery wall can turn a room from drab to fab just like that. It is the perfect way to showcase your most important prints, art, vintage pieces or family photos in the most elegant way. 

To create your gallery wall you will need to -

 Collect your pieces

This one seems pretty obvious. It could either be framed family photos of treasured moments such as weddings, birthdays or graduations or your favorite art pieces from local galleries or stores. As you gather your pieces keep in mind the sizes you would want to go up on your wall and the theme.

Pick a location or locations

The living room, bedrooms and the hallway are good places to put up a gallery wall. 

You have free rein creative wise in setting up your gallery wall so choose your perfect space.

Divide and conquer

Select the pieces you feel are appropriate for your wall. Maybe some frames are too big so they have to go. Or they would be a contrast to the color or ambiance of the room.

 Lay it all down

You may not have a designer's eye but you sure know what you want. Place your selected pieces on the floor the way you want it to appear on the wall and get a first hand look at what your gallery wall would look like. Decide if you want the frames to be evenly distributed or oddly distributed. 

Square shaped or diamond shaped or whatever shape you desire. Arrange and rearrange until you are satisfied with what you see. To be able to view it as you hang, take pictures with your phone to look back on.


For this final part, you will need your hanging materials such as ruler, marker or pencil, nails and hammer. Some people tend use a paper template first before hanging but if you feel you have the skills to get your wall up without it then by all means go ahead.

And voila! With these steps you've got an Instagram worthy gallery wall.

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Erhu Amreyan,

A guest contributor on HOG Furniture, a freelance writer. She loves to read and she loves to write.

Her shorts stories have appeared in Brittlepaper, Kalahari review, and in two anthologies.

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