5 Tips to add style to your Dorm Room this new session

During my time in the university, some of the dorm rooms I was lucky to be in always had a dull gloomy energy. Evidently because of the lack of style and personality. 

Abandon all hope all ye who enter. That shouldn't be the vibe a dorm room should exude. A dorm room should be fun as well as functional. 

Whether the dorm room is a small space or a large one, or you are a first time student or a returning student, you can always make your room uniquely you by following these styling tips. 

1. Get information

You should be get all the information about the school's policy on what or what not to bring into your dorm room. If your school does not permit a certain kind of item, let's say a fridge or an external closet. Do not sneak it in all because you want to make your room shine. 

2. Blending

If your dorm is a shared space as it mostly is, you can talk to your roommate about decorating together. Using one color palette to bring every item in the room together is much more preferable than a clash of colors. 

If you are looking at painting your space, you should avoid these mess. 

3. Pick accessories for the bed and floor

Nothing like a fantastic piece of bedding to make a room look great or give you a good night's rest. Choose a bedding that is soft and durable with throw pillows for a stunning visual effect.

Show your style by adding a center rug.

A comfortable chair where your visiting friends can sit on is a valuable addition to a dorm room. It not only makes the place homey but keeps traffic away from your bed. 


4. Hang stuff up and transform the walls

Curtains do not apply only to the windows. Curtained beds are unique in their own way. They are stylish and beautiful and will always be an additional pop of panache to the room.

Hang wall art, cheap cute frames, photo collages or posters. Remember to avoid using nails that will damage the walls. 

5. Set up your study space

Your study space should be neat and uncluttered. Get a comfortable chair and a sturdy desk that will make studying easier. If the room is lacking in space there are some affordable specially designed desks and chairs that fold up after use which takes little or no space. Remember your lighting option should not be dull just because it is used for studying. An ornate lamp can perform its duty just as well as a plain one. It's all about adding your style to your dorm room.

Remember to always keep your dorm room clean.

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Erhu Amreyan,

A guest contributor on HOG Furniture, a freelance writer. She loves to read and she loves to write.

Her shorts stories have appeared in Brittlepaper, Kalahari review, and in two anthologies.

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