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Everyone looks forward to comfortable sleep at the end of the day. However, it doesn’t come automatically. Sleeping comfortably requires some effort including adjusting your habits. Comfortable sleep involves no pain or other form of discomfort throughout the whole night. The most significant factor that affects sleep is the quality of your mattress. However, there are some other factors as you are about to discover below.

Get spine support

Sleeping with the back in a neutral and relaxed position inhibits muscle tightening to avoid pain and stress. This encourages comfortable sleep. The spine requires a neutral position during sleep to lessen the pressure. This is best achieved by sleeping on a new quality mattress offering appropriate lower back and shoulder support. Side sleepers can place a pillow between the knees to lessen the pressure on the spine and hips. Back sleepers should place a pillow under the knees for better spine alignment. 

Sleep in an appropriate temperature

Sleep comfort is significantly affected by temperature. Cooler rooms offer a better and more comfortable sleep. The optimal sleep temperature is about 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping in a room with temperature below 54 or 75 degrees won’t make you sleep comfortably. it is not good to sleep while sweating regardless of the temperature. The solution is to sleep on a quality mattress that breathes without trapping moisture. 

You have to invest in the best quality mattress  made with open cell adaptive foam to enhance your sleeping experience. This allows heat and sweat to escape freely from the mattress. It should also have thermoregulation allowing cooling down when hot and retaining heat during cold conditions. A quality memory mattress has air channel ventilation for driving out excess sweat and heat for a cozy and dry sleep.

Get a calming bedtime routine

It is important to relax your body and mind before going to bed. Sleeping stressed and tense  makes catching sleep hard with the possibility of waking up with pain. The solution is to develop a sleep routine that relaxes the body. consider taking a warm bath before going to bed to relieve muscle tension. Warm water loosens the muscles to make you relaxed. 

Alternatively, you can use other muscle relaxation techniques including:




Heating pad

The heating pad does wonders for muscle relaxation but avoids sleeping on it. Ensure to turn it off and remove it from your bed before falling asleep. It lessens the chances of getting injured while making you enjoy a comfortable sleep. 

Opt for a pressure reducing sleep position

You are likely to get pressure points when pressure spike hurt you leading to poor sleep. A quality mattress that offers appropriate support by caving in to lessen pressure helps prevent pain. It is important to eliminate pressure points to lessen pain. A good solution is a quality mattress that spreads pressure to a large surface area. It allows relief to body areas that need it most to ensure you wake up relaxed and energised the next day.

Alternatively, consider switching your sleep position to one that relieves stress off the pressure points. Sleeping on the side is a good way to relieve stress from those prominent areas. Consider sleeping with a pillow between the knees pulled closer to your chest. This sleep position is good for pregnant ladies and those with back pain for pressure relief.

Use cozy bedding

Achieving comfortable sleep requires having comfortable bedding. Fleece sheets or a scratchy comforter interrupt sleep and discourage falling asleep in summer. consider making your bed more welcoming with soft sheets, synthetic down comforter, and a fuzzy throw blanket. Layered beddings are a better option. These allow adding or subtracting necessary layers to match your desired comfort level.

Avoid worry

This might sound obvious but some people fail to get comfortable sleep  because of too much worry. Perhaps you just bought a new mattress and now worried about whether you made a good decision. The best way to avoid this is by investing in a quality mattress from a reputable supplier. Regardless of the situation, you always have to focus on being relaxed. 

It is very important to have faith in your bedding and mattress. Being at ease will significantly make you sleep more comfortable emotionally and physically. A quality memory mattress will give you good value for years to come without compromising the quality of your sleep. You have to back this up by investing in quality and comfortable bedding to make you always looking forward to hitting the bed.


Sleeping comfortably is the trick to waking up feeling energised and motivated to take on the day’s activities. It is important to never compromise on the quality of your sleep since you are likely to suffer from the consequences the next day. Suggestions such as replacing that old mattress with a quality memory foam mattress are big steps towards getting sound and comfortable sleep.

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