10 Interesting Facts on Interior Design Everyone Should Know

Interior design skills are something we wish we all had so we could make our home look like the one in our dreams. The main thing to remember about this type of design is that it isn't always about the design itself, but how it makes us feel. We have 10 interesting facts about interior design everyone should know.

1. Colors Make A Room

The colors in a room give it power, transform it and make it a different world than the rest of the house. When you paint a bold accent wall or paint a ceiling a certain color, the room takes on its own life. From standard neutrals to moody hues, each color gives the room a different feel. Pastels give rooms warmth. Dusty teal is a popular color that pairs well with all neutrals for a fresh look. Cool grays and blues bring a peaceful feel. 

2. Natural Elements Boost Productivity

Whether you work from home or go into an office, the design of your workspace matters. Interior design can actually create an environment that promotes concentration and productivity. Natural elements like the use of lighting, windows and live plants help you focus on projects. The design of your workspace shouldn't be cluttered, but minimal. 

3. Actress Elsie De Wolfe Make Interior Decorating A Career

Actress Elsie de Wolfe is credited for being the first professional interior decorator in 1905. She was hired to do the interior decorating of New York's first club for women. She used a feminine style with a light look, tiled floors, wicker chairs, and trellised rooms. She is famous for her simple, pure style. She loved white paint, lights and comfy chairs. 

4. Interior Design Does Not Equal Interior Décor

Interior design and interior decor are not the same thing. Interior design is more about evaluating the room and then using the room's space. The space needs to bring different moods to the home. Interior design also means making the decor in the room versatile bringing the atmosphere to life. Interior decor is about furniture, decorations and accessories that make up the room. They two work together to create the perfect feel and function. 

5. Rooms Should Be Functional, Not Perfect

If a room looks great, but isn't comfortable, don't settle for it. Your home should be inviting to all that enter. You can create lavish spaces that function like a museum, but it'll be wasted space because you'll never be able to live in the spaces. Each space should be a mix of function, design and comfort. 

6. Interior Designs Don't Have To Be Artsy

Interior design doesn't have to be over-the-top. Some rooms may be simple while others lavish. Many rooms just need a polished look. This brings a classic feel. Wall panels, paint and accessories can have a simplistic look for an elegant feel. The room needs to serve a purpose. Style doesn't always jump off the walls at you, sometimes it's subtle in beauty and function. 

7. Eco-friendly Products Are Trendy

Eco-friendly is a trend these days. Interior design products that are eco-friendly boost any space. The benefits of these products and materials are that they have a lower maintenance cost, better quality and can be energy efficient. Using eco-friendly materials for installation is even better for any room. Eco-friendly products are sustainable and functional. 

8. Design Is In The Details

Details make a room come to life. Spacing and doors might not seem like much, but they can change the mood of a room. The smallest details shine in the final result. Textures, finishes, colors and placement of accessories are crucial to the look and feel of the room. 


9. Lighting Helps Health

The amount of lighting in each room can help your mental and physical health. Living plants and greenery help relax the mind. When the mind is able to relax, the body will then relax. Studies show that patients in hospitals have a positive reaction to windows. Think if you worked or lived in a room without windows for a large part of the day. Lighting and windows bring a lighter, positive feel to each room.

10. The Average Lifespan Of Your Couch

Your couch takes a lot in its lifespan. On average, 782 people will sit on it and 1,663 spills will fall on it. These statistics might sound crazy, but it means your furniture needs to function. Choose furniture that matches with your design, is comfortable and durable. If you have pets or kids, lean towards leather or microfiber fabric. 

Interior design changes over the years. It's important to stay updated on the designs. The main thing to remember is a room should have function and style rolled into one room. Have fun as you work to make your home dreams come true. 


Interior design changes over the years. It's important to stay updated on the designs. The main thing to remember is a room should have function and style rolled into one room. Have fun as you work to make your home dreams come true.

Would you like to read more on this check out this link  https://eyedesigns.com/12-intriguing-facts-on-interior-design-everyone-should-know/ 


Mikayla St. Clair
Mikayla St. Clair is a Public Relations Specialist for Eye Designs. She loves to write informative
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