5 Furniture Items Your Beach House Should Have

5 Furniture Items Your Beach House Should Have

Many of us dream of having a rest house by the beach, and if you already have one - congratulations! A beach house can easily be your quick getaway during long weekends or summers when you just need to chill, relax, and unwind for days on end.

Living by the sea is idyllic by itself. With the soft crashing of the waves and gentle humming of the breeze, you can simply relax on the porch or find a shade where you can just lie down and read a good book.

But the right furniture can help set an even better mood for your beach house. So if you are still planning to build your own dream beach house, or if you already have one, it is a must to carefully choose the right types of furniture that can match the tropical vibes of the beach perfectly.

You can start with some basic furniture like the ones listed below. Make your beach house even more welcoming and inviting with these 5 items:

Wicker Chairs

Wicker Chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a great and comfortable type of seat to be placed on the porch or on a boardwalk (if your beach house has one). It also adds a relaxing, natural and earthy vibe for your idyllic summer beach home. Just add foams and pillows for extra comfort (if needed). Your lounging area by the beach will look even more welcoming with a set of wicker chairs. You can drink, chill, and just chat with friends and loved ones for hours under the sun! Wicker chairs can fit perfectly in either modern or vintage beach house designs.

Wooden Drawers

Of course, you need some drawers and cabinets to keep stuff in. For beach houses, wooden drawers or nautical-themed ones are perfect. It also adds an earthy, rustic, and natural vibe that goes well with a beach view.

Wooden drawers are available in many sizes and colors - some are painted white, brown, or made to look like real wood. You may also find rustic and vintage designed ones. Just pick whichever fits your beach house’s color palette and design.

It’s best to go with white and simple drawers if your beach house has a modern, minimalist interior. If your beach house embodies an idyllic country house aesthetic, it might be best to choose rustic or vintage-themed wooden drawers.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are perfect for eating brunch and salads, but it also doubles as a convenient organizer and storage space for small kitchen tools, cutlery, and other accessories. Aside from being a great place for brunch and coffee, it can also be used for meal preparation (like baking and cooking).

A movable Kitchen island (some are built with wheels) will be great for a beach house because it can be moved outside if you really want to eat and drink merrily beside the beach and feel the cool breeze while you are at it. If you are creative enough, you can even transform it into a mini bar where friends and family can share great drinks!

Coffee/Accent Tables

Of course, you need coffee tables that can go well with your wicker chairs. Coffee and accent tables provide comfort, convenience, and storage for extra stuff (like books and magazines). Whether indoors or outdoors, a coffee or accent table is needed for you to put on your favorite drinks and food.

Accent tables also add a bit of design and charm to any room. You can stylize it according to your beach house’s aesthetic. Add trinkets, nautical-themed accessories or rustic and vintage decorations to add good vibes to any shared space in the house!


Is it a couch or a bed? Nope, it’s a daybed! Now this is the ultimate type of furniture you should have on your beach house. It is best placed outdoors (on the patio or porch), but you can also place this indoors fronting a big window that can give you a good view of the calm sea.

A daybed is great for napping and it makes for a perfect reading nook in your beach house! Imagine that, you can rest and read a good book while the salty sea breeze whistles through your home. It’s the ideal getaway (and an Instagram-worthy one too!).

The key to choose the best type of furniture for a beach house is to find pieces that could match the house’s architectural design, aesthetic, and color palette. Of course, it would also help to choose furniture that are already designed in a nautical theme - those that are accented with shells, anchors, boats, and sea creatures. However, this is best to go with a modern beach house type. Rustic and vintage-themed pieces of furniture are also great, especially if your beach house is designed like a cottage or a countryside villa.

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