There are various house designs from elegant to fabulous, some oozing and speaking royalty and others reflecting modesty but there is always something common about them all; THE FURNITURE.

Now which furniture should you have in your home?

Below are 5 of the top furniture pieces we believe you must have in your home regardless of your class or income range. Of course, this list is not a strict rule but it is ideal in common situations.

Let’s go Check them out.

  • #1. SOFA:

A nice colored sofa set is highly needed in your home to give it a pleasant look. If you have a large and accommodating living room, a plush fabric or leather sofa brings comfort and style to it. No space? Then try a loveseat sofa. A throw pillow can be used to jazz up your sofa. *winks*               



  • #2. TV CONSOLE

Regardless of the your situation, you need a TV console/stand in your house for the TV, home theatre, TV cable decoder, stereo system, speakers and the likes. There are different types of TV consoles which suits different rooms and positions. The choice is yours.





Is a study table important? You might want to ask, Yes it is very well important depending on you. A bookshelf and cool study table is now a common furniture piece on the checklist of interior lovers and those who desire to be percieved serious minded. So, If you are the type that likes studying or an interior aficionado, then you surely need a study table in your home for easy study and concentration. Study table comes in different sizes and design. And the goodnews is that we have study table specially designed for kids. Let’s catch them young *smile & winks*



  • #4. BED & MATTRESS

Should this even be negotiated? We don’t think so. Ok if you still wondering what usefulness or importance this piece is to you, then you should know that a mattress is a large pad for supporting the reclining body after a long day work. It is used as a bed or as part of a bed.

The right mattress can make a whole world of difference between a sound sleep and a sleepness night. So when you chose, choose the right kind of mattress for you (you will surely thank us later).



  • #5. LAMP

A well furnished house without a light is nothing to talk about. Lighting fixtures comes in all varieties to suit your needs and tastes, from floor lamp to side lamp to chandeliers.



We are always willing, available and ready to help you choose and provide you the best furniture and interior for your HOME, OFFICE or GARDEN. All you need to do is just a click or call away.

What’s stopping you? Holla & Shop Now @ www.hogfurniture.com.ng  | 09080003646


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