6 Exercises all brands should do

Your brand is incredibly important to your business and getting it right could be the difference between your brand being a success and perhaps not quite getting there. Thankfully, when it comes to branding there is plenty of support out there that can help you to get it right and avoid some of the key mistakes that many other businesses make along the way. 

So, why not take a read through these 6 key exercises that you can do for your brand? All to make sure that you get where you want to be in the long-term.

Think long-term with a road map

It makes sense that you are going to want to focus on the here and now of your business, the things that you are doing right now and that are working for you. However, one thing that you should definitely try and remember is that there is hopefully a good chance that your brand is going to be around for some time to come, so you want to consider your long-term plans too. 

The simplest way to do this is to draw out a timeline and label it with 5, 10, 15 and 20 year goals. This will help you to make a plan for where you want to be as well as give you focus too.

Ask yourself what, how and why? 

They might be obvious questions that your business should already have answered, but sometimes it pays to ask yourself what, how and why when it comes to your business! Think about what your company does, ask how you do it and of course ask yourself why you do it too. These key questions are definitely going to help you to give your brand some focus.

The top 3 values that you bring to the table

Every single business out there has a specific set of values that mean the most to them. But how often do you actually sit down and think about this? It always makes sense to spend the time considering your top 3 values and why they make you stand out. There are a wealth of values that might resonate with you, however, some of the key considerations are:







Who are your key audiences?

You are never going to make your business a success if you don’t know who you are trying to target with your branding.  It always makes sense to plan in some time to consider who is your key audience, what they want and how you are best going to appeal to them.

Define the attitude and style of your brand

When you first set up a brand and a business you are going to want to make sure that you know how to define your attitude and the style of your brand. The great thing about thinking about both of these things is that they give you the chance to think about how you stand out and compare against others doing the same thing as you and how you will appeal to your customers too.      

How do you compete with others? 

Speaking of competitors, whilst you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what they are up to, it is always a good idea to consider them. After all, if you know where they are and what they offer, then you can make sure that you can do much more for your customers. 

Branding isn’t always easy, but there are things that you can do to get it right. So, take the time to complete these exercises and we can promise you that your brand will feel the benefit.

Do you agree with these exercises?

Ben Llewellyn  

Ben Llewellyn is the Ultimate Banners Marketing Manager. Ben is an experienced digital marketer and web developer. You can check them out on their  website www.ultimate banners.co

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