Best Office Layout Ideas

What is the Best Office Layout?

Your office layout is important. And whether you like it or not, your office layout communicates a certain message to your customers and employees.

Your office layout can make or mar office relationships among your employees. For instance, some kinds of office layout encourage communication among employees while others don’t.

Whichever office layout you choose; it has to be strategic. You need to effectively use the floor space available to you in a way that is productive for you and your employees. It has to encourage a smooth flow of work.

In addition, whichever office layout you choose has to be conducive for your employees and increase employee satisfaction.

Your office layout should also encourage a sense of belonging and make collaborations easily among your employees.

Here are 4 types of office layout you need to know:


1.      Cellular Office Layout: The cellular office layout is set up in such a way that encourages high concentration and focus. They are divided into smaller or individual workspaces or cubicle that allows each individual to focus on their work. This type of layout increase privacy and focus, as well as a sense of ownership of one’s own space. However, it could decrease collaboration and even make workers feel lonely.


2.      Half partitions: This type of office layout helps teams to work in their own space but still have the opportunity to speak with each other of the half partitions separating them in the office. It is less private than the cellular office layout. It encourages a little bit of collaboration and allows some natural light to come in.

3.      Co-working office layout: Here, the employees share desks and work space and work together. It is set up like a real co-working space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, etc. come together to work without really owning a particular desk or space. This type of office layout encourages collaboration and relationships with other people. However, it might reduce concentration and focus for the employees.

4.      Open Plan office layout: Here, the employees share tables and there are no partitions between them. It also has more space and it promotes a sense of belonging and community among the employees. However, it could reduce the rate of attention or focus among employees.

It important to think about your kind of business and its needs; do you need your employees to collaborate more often or do you need them to focus more on individual tasks? You need to think about things like this.

Whichever office layout you go with, you need effective and quality furniture pieces to help you achieve the layout you want. 

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