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So, you want to remodel your kitchen? You have every little detail planned out and you are down to choosing your lighting fixtures and your plumbing fixtures. These are two very important aspects of your home.

Why is lighting important in my kitchen?

Lighting is important because it is what creates the ambiance of your kitchen. Several different lighting options will pretty up and brighten your kitchen. You can also get the lighting to match the theme of your kitchen. You also have to figure out whether you want overhead lighting, wall lighting, or want to use lamps.

Why is the plumbing I choose important in my kitchen?

Every kitchen does not have the same type of plumping. Sometimes you have one drain, sometimes two. Some people have hookups for the refrigerator to make ice, some people have disposals. Hiring a professional plumber will get the job done.Then you don’t need to worry about the difference between city water and well water, a sewerage system or septic system is a big deal too. It also matters if you would like a dishwasher or not.

What lighting choices do I have?

• Overhead lighting – Overhead lighting can help a drab and dark kitchen become brighter. Overhead lighting is normally used to light up large areas in kitchens. Overhead lighting is one of the worst types of lighting if you don’t want people to see what you look like, but it is one of the best for being able to see while you’re cooking or eating in your kitchen.

• Side lighting – Some people do not like overhead lighting while they are eating, and some people eat in their kitchens. Wall lighting can be an alternative to overhead lighting. It is not as bright, and it only lights one specific area, but it can provide a soft ambiance for eating since you need less light for that than cooking.

• Lamp lighting – Lamps are popular for living rooms, not really for kitchens, but if lamp lighting is what you want to go with then that is up to you. It is your kitchen after all. Lamps provide direct lighting for a small, single area. Some people use them in addition to overhead lighting when the lighting is not bright enough.

What plumbing choices do I have?

• Single sink basin/double sink basin – Depending on your plumbing type you can get a single or double basin sink. Some sinks have a wash side and rinse side, some sinks just have one basin. Depending on the type of plumbing system and draining system you have you can get a double or single basin sink.

• Garbage disposal or no garbage disposal – Getting a garbage disposal system depends on what kind of sewerage system you have. If you have a septic system, then it is probably best to not have a garbage disposal. If you pay for city sewerage you can probably get away with installing one. Either way, you have to determine if you want disposal or not. They can be very convenient, but they can also pose issues as well. You should look into the benefits and drawbacks of having a disposal system in your sink.

• Icemaker/ no ice maker – Some people like the convenience of having an ice maker in their refrigerator. Some people do not. There is a certain way that you have to hook these kinds of refrigerators up and you need certain things to do it. To have an ice maker you also need to set up your refrigerator close to your sink. These types of things are connected to the water system in your sink.

• Waterspout – Some refrigerators also produce water. To get water running to your refrigerator you have to do the same thing you would do to get your ice maker to work. These types of refrigerators have water that comes out of the same area the ice does, normally when a lever is depressed.

• Sink Sprayer – Another option that you have is the sink sprayer. This is a side spout on your sink that can help you to wash and rinse dishes. It is normally located off to the side of the sink, right by the faucet. If not installed correctly these can leak, but normally they have better benefits then they do drawbacks.

So many different options

Among the different options that you have, you also have to choose the materials and colors. Lights can range anywhere from glass to brass and iron. Sinks are almost always stainless for a kitchen; however, they do have a large number of options. You can get a regular stainless-steel sink or super shiny one. You can also get sinks in several different colors. Nowadays you can pretty much get anything you want.

How am I to choose?

The first thing you need to do for your interior lighting is to check out what your lighting in your kitchen is like already during the day and evening. Make note of where the light falls during the day and where it creates shadows. Make a note in the evening of what happens in your kitchen when you turn the lights on at night. Do you need brighter lighting? Do you need lighting in better areas? Make note of all of this. It will help you when you are ready to decide what you are looking for.

When you are wanting to redo your plumbing, you need to check out what kind of pipes you already have and what you can do with those pipes. Then you need to make your choices based on what you can do with the plumbing you have. You can always redo your plumbing if you have to have something different from what you already have, but that makes a small kitchen renovation project, a big house renovation project.

Your choice

No matter what choices you are making you should always do thorough research. This is something in your home that people are going to see a lot. Besides the living room, this is the one room in the house where you will see all of the family at one time. Your kitchen should look and feel how you want it to feel. It should function how you want it to function. Make informed decisions based on your research.

Ashley Palmer 

Ashley is a freelance writer with a passion for wellness and adventure. Her background in marketing and her experiences raising a family have given her insight into a wide variety of subjects. Volunteering in her spare time is fueled by her love for helping others.

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