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The premise behind home makeover shows is in their simplicity.  The fact that you can transform a space or property from bland to fabulous is so enthralling. If you are a fan, you know exactly what we're talking about.  
Ardent fans can spend hours watching episode after episode, much like binge-watching a TV series. What you will notice is that one of the final touches, before the unveiling, is normally furniture. It is interesting to see how they combine the different bits and pieces. 
Different eras can come together to create something remarkable. The result could be a potpourri of vintage with a touch of contemporary. It could be a combination of formidable Victorian with a sprinkling of lighter Edwardian-style furniture. Truly, the possibilities are endless.  
 You may not have the luxury of having the budget to hire an interior decorator.  But, it does not mean that you can’t let your creativity reign. It does not matter if you are transforming an apartment or a family home. 
All you need are workable tips and tricks. One of which is choosing the right furniture for your modern home. Get out your notebook, pull your chair closer, and get ready to learn.  
1. Take Account of the Space You Have 
 Before buying any furniture pieces, take account of the space you have. What you can do in a small apartment is different from a larger family home. With the former, space-saving, multifunctional furniture is a good idea.
Let’s say you live in a studio apartment. A sofa bed provides seating and sleeping functionalities. An ottoman can provide extra seating, storage and can work as a stool. 
Cushions are excellent for seating and extra decoration. When not in use, storing them is as easy as stacking them in a corner. 
 With a larger space, you have more leeway. You can place the pieces in a way that allows someone to have a 360-degree view. So, look for furniture that are statement pieces. Take the example of a modern barrel chair It looks fantastic from whatever angle. You have options with designs. You can stick to the more original look if you want the rustic touch. More refined/modern designs are also available. And, if you don’t have seating ideas for the dining room, look no further than customized barrel chairs. 

Consider this tip. Sketch a rough layout of the room and input furniture. You don’t need outstanding artistic skills to do this. A simple piece of paper and pencil is enough. 

The other alternative is to use some of the software available online. The layout will provide a guideline and provide a mental picture you can use. 

2.Decide On a Theme

 Coming up with a theme will make it easier for you to choose furniture.  It also helps in having cohesiveness in the overall look and feel. There are so many decor styles, depending on what you like. These include:

  • Industrial design that leans towards minimalism. The main material here would be steel, copper, or raw wood. 
  • Bohemian is a combination of Moroccan and hippie styles.  
  • Asian or Zen is about clean lines, space, and minimal decor. Features that bring peace to the space like water and plants like bamboo will also be part of the theme. 
  • Contemporary styles are modern. There are a lot of neutrals with pops of colors from cushions or rugs. 
  • Vintage furniture tends to look distressed or worn. Most people will repurpose old furniture for this look. A trip to the flea market can uncover some interesting gems. 
  • Rustic Texas back to the days of the pioneers, or country dwellers. 
  • Eclectic tends not to confine itself to one specific style.

Do not feel like you have to limit yourself to one particular theme. As we shared in the intro, sometimes the best style is a mix of two or three. Think steel furniture (industrial) combined with a distressed table (rustic).

 Just find a common thread that links all the pieces together for that cohesive look. Take the example of the table runner matching the throw pillows or rugs. 

Another idea is to have one statement piece from a specific era. Imagine a contemporary design with a Victorian corner seat.  

3. Allocate a Budget and Get Shopping 

    You now have 2 critical factors in mind. The space determines how much, and what you can buy. The second is the theme.  

    It is now time to decide how much you want to spend. Having and sticking to a budget is critical. It helps avoid haphazard spending. 

    Here is a tip. Good quality furniture may be a bit pricier. But, what you get is quality and durability.  

    The final step is the hard, yet, exciting part. Be ready to spend quite a bit of time shopping. You will need to do tons of research on the best places to shop. 

    Compare prices like crazy. Different retailers will have varying prices. The same item could cost much more in one place than another. 

    Do take time to read customer reviews as well. Such honest feedback can save you money, time, and the stress of buying low-quality pieces.  

    Also consider the following money-saving tips:

    • Buy from the flea market and repurpose. Some people will get rid of furniture, not because they are old. They could just be looking for a way to make money or space for new ones. 
    • Take time to teach yourself some simple DIYs. Replacing cushion covers, for instance, is a simple sewing job. Platforms like YouTube have so many beginner-friendly tutorials. 
    • Check out places like eBay for some good deals. There is always someone selling something. 

    Once you decide to buy, go with a strict mindset. Being indecisive will only slow down the process. Do go with someone whose opinion you trust as well. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion.  

    Final Thoughts

    Shopping for furniture can be fun. On the reverse, it can be frustrating and time-consuming if you don’t get the basics right. Let’s not forget the inconvenience and expense of buying the wrong pieces. 

    See how much space you have, develop a theme, allocate a budget, and then shop. Research the retailers, and take note of customer reviews where they are available. 

    Good luck with transforming your home with the right furniture. 


    Authors Bio: Dan Martin

     Daniel Martin loves building winning content teams. Over the past few years, he has built high-performance teams that have produced engaging content enjoyed by millions of users. Dani also enjoys photography and playing the carrom board.

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