Decorating The Dream Room Of A Teenage Girl

Combining function with the interest and unique personality of a teenage girl is the right direction to go in decorating her room. A teenage girl's room should be able to reflect who she is. Her room does not only serve as where to sleep. It is where she studies, where she relaxes, and where she sometimes hangs out with her friends. She should be able to feel good about her own space. Consider selecting a theme for the bedroom to start with as it will help you stay on track and help with the details. Teenagers of today are keeping up with trends and although their interests may be diverse, with some planning, bringing together all her favourite things can result in something unforgettable.  Let’s check out some of the things to consider when setting up a teenager’s room:


When decorating the walls and picking out curtains for the bedroom, go for bold solid colours that pair well with the theme of the room. Colour is a fantastic way to showcase personality. Wallpapers that complement the theme or one with an array of neutral geometric patterns are an added bonus and they can be easily changed. Girls love to be original, so some artwork can be hung on the walls to keep things interesting.

  • BED

For the bed, one with a unique design would no less be required. An eye-catching headboard should make the bed the focal point of the room. Colourful pillows which will brighten the room, large sized teddy bears and plush bedding make for an attractive bed.


Storage is one of the primary necessities for a girl's room with the growing volume of her clothes, makeup kits, shoes and accessories. Under the bed storage bins, a cabinet or storage ottomans are all great options for where she can put all she needs.


If space is available, a dressing area makes a real statement. A well-crafted dressing table with drawers and a cute wall mirror with an ornate frame will do the trick.


Making use of a foldaway table and chair in the study space minimises making the room look cluttered. For a tidier look, a wall bookcase above the study area can hold books not being used.


Lighting for the room should never be boring. A good wall light or hanging string lights can bring a different look to the room. For extra furniture, a floral patterned armchair or a couch and a large circular rug complete the look.

P.S: As they begin exploring their independence, having a room where they can hang out, study and lounge with friends are almost more important to them than sleep. And the social aspect of a room is big. A survey of global teenagers by found out that the number one thing a teen would add to their room is a poster of themselves with their friends. Work with your teen to creatively address the above areas in their room.


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