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An alarm system is very helpful in protecting your home including loved ones and assets. A false alarm is the last thing to worry about. This might cause undue worry and make police reluctant to respond even during real emergencies. However, false alarms are inevitable unless you discover the following tricks to avoid them.

It is impossible to avoid false alarms without knowing what might cause them. Getting your alarm system from a professional security agency is a good idea to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. 

Read on to discover how to limit the common causes of false alarms from happening. 


Poor installation

It is a good idea to invest in an alarm system on your property. However, it is important to invest in a quality system and have it properly installed. Poor installation might cause false alarms to weaken your security. The false alarms might result from misaligned detectors and sensors. Poor placement of sensors and detectors might also cause false alarms. Do it yourself installation is prone to mistakes and not following the manufacturer’s installation instructions also causes false alarms. 

You can avoid this by investing in quality alarm systems in Bakersfield from a company that also handles the installation. This limits the chances of poor installation with the guarantee that motion sensors are placed in appropriate places. Professional installation limits any mistakes that might cause false alarms and compromise your security. 

Errors by humans and pets

Most false alarms result from accidental trips by humans and pets to the alarm system. Perhaps you, a visitor, or babysitter forgot the alarm code. The kids or pets might also play with the alarm access panel triggering the alarm. You might cause a false alarm when you forget to secure the doors and windows before setting the alarm. Alternatively, forgetting to turn off the alarm before you open the windows and doors might also trigger a false alarm. 

You can avoid the human and pet errors above that might cause false alarms with some conscientious actions. Ensure that everyone who can use the alarm learns the basics. You can take them through regular alarm drills to lessen chances of false alarms. Kids should only access the alarm during emergencies and the security company should offer specialized sensors when you have pets. Secure all doors and windows before setting the alarm and turn it off when opening them.  

Poor maintenance

Your security system requires regular maintenance as other appliances. This ensures that it works efficiently to meet your expectations. Neglecting to maintain your alarm system makes it keep up with dirty sensors and with dead batteries. An alarm system requires minimal maintenance to ensure that the batteries are working well. Maintenance allows cleaning dust from the cameras, motion detectors, and smoke alarm. Cover these up during home remodeling projects to prevent them from ending up filled with dust.

Using faulty equipment

This might seem rare but it can happen. Using faulty alarm system equipment might cause false alarms resulting from malfunctioning. Alarm system equipment can wear out over time and requires replacement by a professional especially when facing regular false alarms. Alarm system technology is changing and improving all the time. Therefore, it is a great idea to have your system updated to stay at par with modern security systems. 

Updating your alarm system allows getting new and modern equipment that matches current security standards. This is usually less prone to false alarms. You can always contact a professional security company to send a technician over to inspect your alarm system. In the end, a report is issued with recommendations and suggestions to improve your security system.

Environmental interference

Inevitable changes in weather might also trigger a false alarm . During a party, stray balloons and decorations placed near the motion detectors might trigger false alarms. A false alarm might also happen when curtains blow resulting from heat or air conditioning. Strong winds might also rattle the windows and doors causing false alarms. This scenario might also happen during a storm filled with thunder and lightning. 

You can lessen false alarms from happening by controlling some environmental factors. Ensure that helium balloons are tied to prevent floating near motion detectors. Additionally, the motion sensors should be placed away from billowing curtains and other home hanging décor. This lessens chances of false alarms. Adjust your security system to match weather changes including turning off window sensors before a big storm. Ensure to adjust your security system’s motion detectors and sensors when getting a new pet.  

Bottom line 

Installing an alarm system is the right step to keeping your home and family safe. Ensure to have it professionally installed to lessen chances of false alarms. Additionally, take other steps like regular maintenance and prepare adequately for environmental factors like storms that might cause false alarms as well.

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