Dorm Room Essentials Checklist for a Freshman


A dorm room or dormitory room is primarily defined as a building or part of a building that provides living and sleeping quarters for a number of persons eg. Students, military officers etc.

Reseach suggests that there are several sources of inspiration and a person dorm room is one of the most important sources of inspiration towards the actualization of academic and professional success, so when buying furniture or equipment for a dorm it's essential to buy smart items that are pragmatic and multifunctional. There are also essential items that cannot be ignored.

  1. Desk and Chair- Assimilation and creativity are increased when one is comfortable and one way to ensure comfort is to provide the right desk and chair specific to the space available in the room.
  2. Table clock - waking up early for an appointment is just as important as going to bed at the right time, providing a table clock allows for the effective practice of time management.
  3. Desk lamp - Light is important but the right amount of light is what you need so as not affect one's sight and not to disturb your roommate that is sleeping
  4. Bed Linens - Colours and patterns could affect one’s interest or mood. Having sheets with creative patterns and colours is an efficient way to stimulate brain’s cognitive functions.
  5. Plastic or wooden drawers - this helps occupants in having some organization to his or her belongings without having them liter the room/space.
  6. As much as you try to provide essentials or space, one must consider that personal decorations can be as much inspiring as the general decorations. So try as much as possible to
  • Get something for the wall: it could be a wallpaper, an art, a picture collage or a wall paint colour scheme.
  • Get something for the desk: So often people forget to make their workspace attractive, they forget that elements for stimulation of inspiration are found in the details around us.
  1. Bath towels - It is important that one has his/her own bath towels, two sets are better than one.
  2. Flip flops - shower shoes are important especially in situations where one shares a bathroom with other occupants.
  3. Shower cases - It will be much easier to carry one’s shower essentials in a handy carrier.

Students spend an inordinate amount of time studying, interacting and sleeping in their dorms so it's important to provide an environment conducive to support and encourage these activities.

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