Stumbling upon the words "dream home", it’s only thinkable for a good number of persons to plunge into daydreams, basking in the cosiness of the figments of their imaginations. A dream home is what you actually picture as your ideal home. You can achieve your dream home goals by hiring professional home decorators or using these simple, fun and constructive DIY steps:


  • Study Your Space:-

The living room is perhaps the most important room in a house used for leisure and general social activities and as such would be the principal focus of this piece. Study your living room (spacing and furniture) and draw up plans befitting your dream home goals. Take into consideration the shape and size to ensure conciseness.

  • Determine Your Furniture:-

The furniture in a living room determines how unwieldy or tidy it looks. Ensure to use simple furniture. The simpler the room looks, the smarter.


  • Theme:-

Consider changing the theme of the room. To go about this, your curtains or blinds and the lightings must be a blend. For instance, if your couch and settees are cream coloured, and the side stools and centre table are bay in colour, ensure your curtains or blinds are a mixed shade of bay/brown and cream. The lighting should also give off a condescending ambience— consider using white energy savers for this theme.

  • The Making:-

Once cognizance of the living room, furniture and theme have been taken, it's about time to get down to work.

  1. Devoid the living room of all furniture. Spots that aren't cleaned properly and regularly are likely to be noticed.
  2. Get a broom. Remove cobwebs and destroy wasp cones. Clean fan(s) with a damp, not wet and dripping rag.
  3.  Sweep thoroughly and mop afterwards.
  4. Change the curtains or blinds and the lighting (chandeliers and lamps).

Having cleaned out the room and changed the blinds and lights, the difficult part surfaces— determining what goes where.

  1. First, dust all furniture with a damp rag.
  2. Replace the TV set and speakers.
  3. Move the centre table to the middle of the room, away from the TV.
  4. Move the couch into the room and set it against the wall facing the centre table and TV set. Place side stools on both sides.
  5. Place three one-setter settees on either side of the centre table, such that the centre table is exactly in the centre of all six of them.
  6. Move bookcases to a corner (the place two walls meet), preferably the one adjacent to the TV.
  7. Replace other furniture but ensure to cut down on bulky furniture to allow for proper ventilation and spacing.

It's only logical to long to come home and admire your masterpiece. And boy! The surprise is on everyone's face. Let's get cooking!



Porl Bob Jnr,  a freelance writer; an overall witty and sarcastic e-thumb.

But for his love for cooking solo, he may yet have believed women belonged to the kitchen.



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