HOG ideas of 18 interior design  that will transform your home

We have gathered some interior design ideas for you to inspire you as you remodel your home.

It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of a new year or a new season. From spring and summer to fall and winter, there's always an eagerness for home improvement. There are so many options that you might be lost.

Every corner can be given a makeover. We spoke to interior designers and creative directors to learn more about how to update your living room.

These 18 interior design ideas will help you express your evolving interior style, whether you are starting from scratch or changing certain elements in a space.

Coordinating colours

You can make alcoves a focal point and create a cocooning effect with ceiling and walls painted in the same colour.

A clever trick for a living room is to paint the joinery along either side of an open hearth with a darker tone. In large rooms, painting the ceiling and walls the same warm gray creates a cosseting effect. However, it can also be used to create a cosy feeling in smaller rooms. Custom artwork is a great way to add a personal touch and some romance to your space.

Soft Lighting

A room's lighting can make it more functional and visually appealing. Softer lighting can be more flattering than harsh lighting and will bring any style together.

When choosing lighting for your living space, materials are as important as the style. It better has a soft, translucent glow and provides a wonderful finish. This soft light creates a cosy atmosphere that instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Place your order today on hogfurniture.com.ng

Opening Up A Smaller Kitchen

Even if your kitchen is small, you can still maximize it by adding storage options, colours and other materials.

It is important to find the right balance when designing small kitchens. Open shelves can be used to store and display objects. They also add texture while keeping the space light. The materials used can also influence that feeling. For example, the grain on the base cabinets adds weight to the lower levels of the design. This helps to ground the cabinets while giving them a sense of airiness.


Curve Appeal

Curved furniture is making a comeback. It brings a soft finish and lines to furniture that makes a stylish addition to living spaces, particularly in the bedroom.

The return of the curve will be evident in 2022, with everything from 1970s-inspired curved sofas to sharply mirrors. Curves add femininity and softness to any room, as well as a retro feel. Curved furniture and homeware give a space a fluid look, creating the illusion of depth and movement. It can be difficult to style because of its shape. Allow curved furniture to be your main piece in your home. Pair it with a more minimalist and uncluttered look.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a creative way to improve your bathroom. Multi-layered patterns are great for creating striking feature walls.

Bathrooms can be small and uninteresting spaces. A wallpaper can transform a room by adding colour and pattern to it without taking up too much space. A small bathroom should have a design that is as stunning up-close as it is from afar. Place order for beautiful wallpapers on hogfurniture.com.ng

Mood lifter

Not only do colours affect the appearance of a space, but they also influence the moods and feelings that are experienced in it.

Be open to the possibility of using colour. Colour can spark emotion and ignite passionate thought. A space can be transformed by the addition of color.

Adding Vintage Flair

Antiques can add character to your bathroom and give it a unique blend of old and modern.

Many interiors have antiques as their core. Mixing antiques in bathroom designs is a popular choice. This helps to offset the monotony of white porcelain and uniformity of the built-in joinery. Plus, antiques have character and a patina that are difficult to replicate.

Colour Ratio

A ratio is a useful way to balance primary, secondary, and accent colours when choosing colours, particularly when there are so many.

Think about where and how you would like the colour to be used in the space. Many designers adhered to the 60-30-10 rule. To allow the extension to flow smoothly with the rest, it is important not to distract from the geometry.

You can create a coloured backsplash by painting another colour halfway up the walls, from shelf height. This allows you to concentrate the colour in a small area near the cabinet runs without making it too dominant.

Tonal Hallway

You can make a welcoming and warm entrance by using three different tones of light, dark and medium.

If space is limited, you can use colour to highlight architectural features. This creates design impact and doesn't impact on space. The combination of the muted Desert Rose and the warm Caddie will create a color scheme that adds warmth and light to your space. A hallway paint should be durable and hardwearing because it is a highly trafficked area.

Matching with Marble

This marble-brass combination has a polished finish and is perfect.

Luxury is possible even in smaller rooms. This small space feels elegant and glamorous thanks to the use of brass and beautiful marble in the angular en suite. Even the smallest rooms in your house can be filled with grandeur.

Angled Details

It can be difficult to decorate bedrooms at angles, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.

You can live large in small spaces. All you need is the right knowledge. A striking wall mural can be used as a backdrop. It will fill the space without overwhelming the overall design. You can also increase the lighting options by adding an oversized pendant or table lamp to give the space a luxurious feel and provide ample light.

You can add texture, depth, and interest to walls with panelling. It is great for any property, but especially for new constructions. Vertically, this technique makes small rooms appear taller.

Armchair Ambience

You can decorate those awkward spaces in your room to create a relaxing space after a long day.

The corner we first see when we enter our bedroom is important so it needs to feel warm and welcoming. Layered colours and textures are used to draw the eye in. It is very practical to place a chair in the corner of the room, so one can easily bring their clothes over after a long day.

Simply Scandi

You can take inspiration from Scandi to allow neutral tones to be combined to create a hygge paradise.

Structured simplicity is the natural evolution of the Scandi-inspired interiors we have seen dominate interior trends for the past few years. This style is simple and minimalist, with rustic elements and layered textures. Soft neutrals create a comfortable and relaxing environment. You can also use more sustainable accessories to make it more sustainable.

Island Space

An island kitchen can solve many design problems. It can provide more storage, prep space, or integrated seating for breakfast.

Islands can be a focal point of a kitchen and unite different areas. They are a focal point in a kitchen, and people naturally gravitate to them. This makes anyone involved in cooking or prepping food feel part of the action. These islands are a great way of incorporating storage. They can provide deep, conveniently located drawers or cupboards that can be arranged around the island's intended use.

Invest in a Larder

Larders can be a great alternative to the standard kitchen cupboards. They are deeper and provide a better storage solution.

Larders maximize space in any kitchen, regardless of its size. They can be single units or double larders that store bulky electricals like microwaves and toasters. Kitchen islands are the best storage solution. They are designed to maximize space and provide all storage options.

Marble Alternative

There are many marble alternatives that provide the same beautiful effect but are extremely durable.

These porcelain marble effect tiles look amazing. Ink-jet technology has made it possible to create stunning and authentic stone-like lookalikes. Porcelain is now an alternative to natural stone. Porcelain tile walls and floors are strong, non-porous surfaces that weigh less. They can be maintained easily and will remain smooth for many years.

Art of Display

A display can be used to decorate the area under the stairs.

Reclaimed timber can be used to make more shelves space. This will allow you to display art and other objects that are meaningful to you.

Mirrors and tables for hallways

A console table and an ornate mirror can be paired together to create the illusion of space.

Although hallways can become a dumping ground, they should feel open and welcoming from the moment you enter your home. A shallow console table looks elegant and adds the detail you desire.

The design of smaller houses should allow for a flow between rooms. To create a feeling of space and connectivity, a mirror can be placed above the console.


 Author: Bronwyn Leigh

 Bronwyn Leigh is passionate about cosy homes. Her freelance work at https://mypaperdone.com/ requires a lot of staying at home, so she mastered making it perfect for living and wants others to feel that too.

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