Garden - A Beauty In Your Home

One of the simplest ways of beautifying your home is by creating a garden. If you are one of those who kill every plant they come across then you are definitely missing out on creating a nature-friendly look for your home.

A garden does not require a large plot of land before it is created.

It is simply an area mostly outdoors, set aside for the cultivation of plants, beautification of your home and admiration of other forms of nature.

A garden consists of natural elements such as flora (trees and weeds), fauna (birds), soil, water, air, and light.

Constructed elements include drainage systems, decking, sculptures etc.



Creating your own home-garden doesn't necessarily have to be difficult, time consuming, expensive or complicated. Before getting a garden design, most importantly; consider how the garden will be used, whether for ornamental purposes or production of food crops and how well the garden space will connect to the home and the environment as a whole. Once that is considered, then how to start shouldn't be a problem. Start small!

Start small with square foot gardening method.  It is not just manageable for beginning home-gardeners but it is also time and cost effective. Bothered about what to plant first?  Peppers and beets are easy, tomatoes, cabbage and lettuce is a start too.

The need to beautify your home births the thought of a garden because of its aesthetic, functional and recreational uses.  A garden does not just add beauty to your home but also aids relaxation, you could practically live in your garden and enjoy nature's aura. Family could have dinner on the terrace. One of the best places to have a family reunion is in your garden. Children could play in the garden. Basking in warm sunshine, escaping harsh sunlight and heat. Flowers could be cut and kept inside for indoor beauty.

Apart from its aesthetic uses, having a home garden can save you money and save your stomach from junk. The freshness of vegetables gotten from a garden cannot be compared to grocery store produce. By cultivation of plants, you can enjoy nutritious, sun warmed vegetables with little or no stress. Plus, fresh herbs as an added benefit.

Remember to position your garden where it can get direct sunlight and enough water, not too far from your home for easy accessibility. A well grown garden is the beauty of a home.


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