HOG granite sink for remodel

How A Granite Sink Is The Best For Your Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? The chances are high that you’re planning to replace the sink. With a myriad of options on the market, you might get perplexed on choosing the right sink material. Perhaps you should consider sink made from new and exciting material like granite. This offers extreme durability with a rich appearance. Read on for a better idea on how a granite sink is the best for your remodel.

A word about other sinks

To some people, stainless steel sinks are ugly and not easy to remain clean and shiny. Others find white cast iron sinks so easy to get scratched and chipped. Do you follow that school of thought? Then, you should consider a composite granite sink. This is the most scratch resistant sink on the market today.

Understanding granite sinks

A new product on the market, granite sinks are made of quartz mineral deposits from granite rock bonded together with synthetic products. This results into a sink with a seemingly natural stone. It’s enhanced with crystalline enhancements to give it a luxurious finish. Sink manufacturers might use acrylic resin or polyester binder.

When to buy granite sink, there’re various designs and shapes including traditional rectangle, square, curved, or uniquely rounded. The extremely high-density rock particles at the sink surface make granite sinks very durable. A reputable brand will have these sinks in color options including white, gray, black, and beige.

Why granite sinks?

Versatile colors and designs

Granite sinks are gorgeous and come in various colors. This is a bonus when you’re to choose a natural stone or quartz countertop. Granite sinks offer a smooth transition between the countertop and the sink. There’re no obvious interruptions form other option such as porcelain or stainless steel. Additionally, you have a range of shapes and styles when choosing a granite sink.

Extra durability

Quartz is among the hardest minerals on earth. A mixture of quartz with strong binding material is what granite is made of. This makes granite sinks hard to crack, chip, or scratch. It’s a significant benefit to make you invest in granite sinks when you have to clean heavy pots and pans and sharp knives. Additionally, these sinks can bear the brunt of dropped dishes.

More hygienic

Binding quartz minerals with a synthetic material such as acrylic resin makes the product non-porous. It leaves no pores such as when using true natural stone such as marble or granite. These pores require regular sealing and sealing. Composite granite sinks don’t have pores making them less prone to dirt, bacteria, grime, liquids, and food residue. This promotes a more hygienic surface in your kitchen, which is mold and mildew resistant.

Easier to clean

As noticed above, the lack of pores makes granite composite sinks easier to clean. These sinks are less prone to the presence of food and drink particles on the surface. These remain in place until you wipe them off. This leaves no residue, stain, or etches because there’s no penetration into the surface.

The wrap

A sink is an essential accessory regardless of whether in a kitchen or bathroom. When selecting material a granite sink is a better option for its durability and hygienic features.

James Dean 
James Dean is a professional writer who has been writing content online & in Home Improvement services for over 5 years. As well, He is the University of California, Berkeley with a Masters Degree in Special Education. When working as an online business consultant or a commercial space writing, He can be found writing on Budget Earth, on his own novel, or also working with various entities in the industry.

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