How to Choose the Right Furniture For Your Exhibition
From display counters to lecterns to sofas, the choice of furnishings for an exhibit is wide-ranging. The advantage of such variety is that you can find the right pieces to set up in your exhibition booth. On the downside, picking the correct furniture can be daunting. The way you choose to furnish an exhibition stand plays a big role in the success of your show. If you get it right, you will have people enjoying the comfort, warmth and efficiency that the stall has to offer. However, the wrong furniture can ruin your exhibition and consequently, your brand. Before you start picking pieces from ExpoCart to add to your stand, find out how to find the best ones.

Evaluate Your Needs

You must be clear about what you want the furniture to achieve if you are to select the correct pieces. Different exhibitions have varied requirements, and these will determine the suitability of certain installations. For example, if you have products that need to be put on display, you will have to get display cases. Alternatively, you may prefer to get wall shelves, especially if the exhibit will be going on for a while. If you have flat screens for presentation, TV stands might be part of your budget. Ask yourself if the booth requires stands and seats. The kind of exhibition you intend to hold will also help assess your requirements. If you intend for people to walk around the stand, then seating might not be your biggest priority. Take the time to understand the booth design so that you can narrow your furniture options.

Factor in the Design

The specific set up of your exhibition stand will determine the furniture to get. For one, it influences the amount of space available. Get furniture that will not overwhelm the booth design. Don't put computer desks that will use up all the space and make it hard for people to move around. Consider the shape of the furniture in relation to the design of the stand. An L-shaped leather sofa may compliment your trade show theme beautifully, but is it practical for the booth design? Avoid experimenting with furniture, especially if it's the first exhibition. Aim to create an impact without looking like you are trying too hard. Find furniture pieces that bring out the best features of your exhibition stand. Custom-made exhibition furniture is an option, particularly when dealing with unique booth designs.

Think About Staff

When picking furniture to add to your trade show booth, consider the people who will be working there. Exhibition stands are hard to set up and even harder to man. The staff has to do a lot of things to ensure that they attract customers. They also have to engage with them once they have their attention. All these can be tedious, but you can make their work pleasant with the right furniture. Choose furniture that will help the workers carry out their tasks with ease. Provide seating and prioritise their comfort. Avoid getting furniture that only looks good but is not comfortable to use. Barstools, sofa sets and armchairs are some of the pieces that you can include. Factor in the number of staff members who will be at the stand. Don't make to employees have to share an armchair because the furniture is limited.

Don't Forget About Branding

Remember that an exhibition stand is an extension of your brand. People associate whatever they see with your image, which is why you should be cautious. As much as you want to lure attendees to your stand and provide a comfortable workspace for the staff, you can't compromise the brand. Firstly, ensure that the theme corresponds with the brand image. Select furniture that blends with that theme. Consider the style of your furniture. For instance, if you intend to create a futuristic image, furniture with prominent glass features and clean lines is the best choice. For a company that presents itself as fun, brightly coloured furniture will do the trick. Think of the impression you want to leave among visitors and your competition then find furniture that does exactly that.

The furniture to use in an exhibition stand can help you make a loud statement amidst all the competition. However, not every computer desk, display counter or barstool is ideal for your booth. Put some effort into choosing trade show furniture, and you will love the results. You can opt to buy or hire exhibition furniture, depending on the budget. Take into account what everyone needs and what you intend the furniture to accomplish. With these considerations, picking exhibition stand pieces will be easy.

Ryan Farquharson - Co-founder & CEO

Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO at ExpoCart which is the one stop shop marketplace for products and services for exhibitions and events. Through our intuitive platform, we make it easy to companies to hire and purchase everything they need for their exhibitions in just a few simple clicks for venues across the UK. 

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