How to Decorate in a Contemporary Style

How to Decorate in a Contemporary Style

Designers Guide To Decorating In Contemporary Style

Contemporary style can be used interchangeably with modern style but there are differences between them and even some similarities. Though the word modern interprets itself as something new and up to date, the modern style of design actually started a very long time ago and follows strict rules of open spaces, strong lines and neutral colors. 

The contemporary style is much more recent and is bold in style. Contemporary style favors open spaces, clean lines and free flow of colors from neutral to brighter ones and elements and materials inspired by nature with a casual atmosphere. The idea behind this style is fresh and innovative as well as simple.

To give your home that contemporary look, then the following basic rules should be followed.

1. Color - Color is one of the major items to focus on on the list to achieving an amazing contemporary style. Neutral colors are the main stay in contemporary style. Colors of white, charcoal, cream are great in creating backdrops for other displayed accessories. 

2. Light - Let there be light and there was light from orb chandeliers and pendant lights. There are varieties of light fixtures that will go well in a contemporary style setting such as close to ceiling lamps, Led lights and stealth pendant lights. 

3. Furniture - Contemporary style furniture tends to be a little basic but bold enough to make a statement. They should be free of any excessive details like prints or tassels. Neutral colors do well for contemporary furniture. 

An armless black leather sofa paired with a polished wooden coffee table is an example. You can add throw pillows with warm colors to create an eye catching effect. 

4. Adornments - A plant can be used as finishing touch to a contemporary style. Or an eclectic wood work strategically placed to infuse sophistication. Pottery works as well as sculptures create a sublime atmosphere.

Some furniture pieces for you

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