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It is not surprising if your furniture gets stained at some point; this kind of thing happens to everyone! Coffee stains, ink stains, or plain dirt finds their way to couches, tables, and even outdoor furniture. 

It is important to clean up messes as soon as they happen. Doing so can help you avoid permanent marks and keep your furniture looking nice for much longer. 

However, some stains need to be handled with care. Before applying anything, know the components of your cleaning solution. Our goal is to prevent any further damage to your furniture; using the wrong chemical could potentially lead to more problems. 

Additionally, you can check the furniture’s cleaning codes or tags. These usually indicate what material it is made of and can provide care requirements, along with the type of solution or treatment that it needs. 

Getting Stains Out of Your Furniture

Below are different ways how to clean common stains off of furniture.

  • Ink

Ink stains are common in any household, especially when you are writing with a pen or marker or if you have kids that enjoy arts and crafts time. Seeing it on white furniture, however, may be troublesome. Familiar places where ink stains can be seen include couches, cushions, and chairs. You might even find these on walls or floors.

The solution to cleaning ink off of fabric or hard surfaces is to mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol. Make sure to have a clean towel ready to dip it into the solution. Then, use the towel to blot the stain carefully. Do not rub the stain as this can only spread the ink further.

  • Dirt and mud

Dirt and mud may be the most common forms of stains. A household with kids and pets makes it especially difficult to prevent these stains from happening.

The ideal solution is to keep the dirt outside the house as much as possible. Have an area near your entryways for hosing off any dirt or mud. Place a rug where people and animals can wipe their feet. You can also encourage taking off outdoor shoes or having a pair of sandals indoors.

For instances where dirt does get inside, it helps to know how to take care of this properly. If any form of dirt attaches to furniture, let it dry first before doing anything. Then, it will be much easier to scrape off the dirt or soil and vacuum the loose pieces.

A solution of two cups of water with one tablespoon of clear dishwashing liquid can also help, especially if there are any residual stains. It is recommended to use a sponge when applying the solution and wipe it down thoroughly–we would not to leave scratches on the furniture.

  • Beer and coffee

Beer and coffee stains are not too difficult to handle, so worry not if you enjoy this in your household. A cleaning mix with one ice cube, a teaspoon of detergent, and warm water is enough to remove beer stains. Use a paper towel to dip in the solution, then dab it on the stain.

You can use the same method used for cleaning beer stains for coffee splatters—but without the ice cube. The detergent and warm water should be enough to remove it. Having a placemat or coaster is also a good way to prevent spills from seeping into your wood or leaving water stains from your drink.

  • Wine stains

If you host dinner parties or like to enjoy a glass or two of alcohol regularly, spills are unavoidable. 

Stains from spilled wine may seem tricky to remove, but it’s not impossible if you use the right methods. There are two ways you can do to get rid of wine stains. 

The first is to use sparkling water and a clean cloth to blot the stain. The second method is mixing a tablespoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of laundry detergent, and four cups of cold water for the cleaning solution. Then, grab a clean fabric to sponge the stain until it’s gone. 

  • Pet stains

If your household has pets, they’ve likely peed on the floor or furniture at one point. As frustrating as it is, cleaning the stains is not complicated.

The solution includes equal parts water and vinegar. First, get a clean rag and soak up the stain until most moisture is gone. Next, apply baking soda on top and dry to help reduce odor. Then, vacuum any loose baking soda residue, and you are done!

For future prevention, take your pet on regular walks and enforce potty training. Keeping your pet on a regular walking schedule can help keep them happy and reduce any stains they might cause. Just make sure to wipe their paws down or give regular baths after they spend time outdoors.

  • Cleaning outdoor furniture

Cleaning outdoor furniture should be a part of your routine. Standard outdoor furniture is made of wood, glass, metal, and aluminum. These are susceptible to debris, mud, and dust if left unattended.

Some things you can do to clean wooden furniture include using mild oil-based soap with a soft brush. This removes grit and debris gently. 

As for metal, using a soft cloth and a solution with a mix of warm water and vinegar/mild soap will do the trick. Remember, be sure that metal furniture has no rust. You can use sandpaper to remove them. 

Lastly, a commercial dish detergent and a soft cloth should be enough to clean most glass furniture. Be careful not to use abrasive materials to avoid scratching up your glass.

No Need to be Stressed

Dirt, scratches, and stains can be bothersome, especially if you’re unsure how to clean them. But remember that there are solutions that can clean your furniture effectively, such as the ones above. These solutions are not as complicated as you may think, and home ingredients are readily available to help remedy the issue.

Johnny Ching is the owner of the Direct Marketplace — an online furniture marketplace providing the finest quality and budget-friendly products since 2010. He maintains excellent client relationships and ensures that customers have the best possible experience. When not working, Johnny likes to spend his time with his family strolling along the beach of Southern California.

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