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Aside from your living room, your guests also stay on your patio. That’s why it’s important to take care of your outdoor furniture. One way of doing so is to clean them. But this can get tedious and time-consuming. Worse, making mistakes can damage the furniture.

While some advice against using a pressure washer, it helps avoid all these problems. Sometimes, it is the most practical cleaning method compared to a garden hose. Pressure washing the house is an easy job. It gets the grimes out within minutes as compared to scrubbing and hand washing.

With the help of a pressure washer, you can clean your outdoor furniture in no time. 

Benefits of Using Pressure Washer to Clean Outdoor Furniture

It seems impractical to buy a pressure washer when you can always use your garden hose. But there are many benefits to using a pressure washer to clean your outdoor furniture. 

House pressure washing is not a difficult process. It's also one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to clean the furniture outside of your house. Using a pressure washer also contributes to better health. Not only that but it can make your property value higher. 

If you may ask: what are the advantages of using pressure washing to clean your house, then read along!

1. Saves you money

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A pressure washer is expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. The cost of house pressure washing is cheaper than the cost of not doing so. Poor external care can cause serious structural problems. It can also cause health problems and expensive house repairs.

You can expect to spend at least $200 on pressure washing your house. This is compared to the $12,000 that you will spend fixing damages caused by years of neglect. If you’re not sure how to use a pressure washer, you can get help from pressure washing companies.

2. Saves you a lot of time

With pressure washing, you don’t need to look for the right supplies to produce a cleaning solution. More importantly, you don’t need to scrub for almost half the day. Also, if you’re unsure of using one to clean outdoor furniture for yourself there are companies that provide pressure washing services that will help you save a lot of time. 

Pressure washing avoids the need for time-consuming labor. You can either hire someone to do it for you or do it yourself, which is as simple as pointing the nuzzle on the grime.

3. Promotes healthy environment

You have more than one family in your home. There are a variety of pollutants on decks, outdoor furniture, and walkways. And this ranges in severity from dirt to dangerous mode. 

You can remove these dangerous pollutants with pressure washing. By doing so, you can ensure that your family breathes the freshest air possible, while keeping your wooden chairs and sofas clean. With a pressure washer, you can be sure to prevent the transmission of bacteria inside or outside your home.

4. Does not hurt the environment

Pressure washing uses water instead of harsh chemicals. If you do roof pressure washing, you don’t need to worry about any toxic runoff. This makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly cleaning alternatives available.

Your plants and grass can easily absorb pesticides and cleaning chemicals. Taking the time to avoid them can make a big difference, especially on your property's curb appeal.

5. Helps to increase your property value

A lovely, well-kept home will have a high price in the market. If you’re planning on selling the house, you need to be familiar with the criteria used by appraisers. The very first thing an appraiser will take note of while viewing a house is curb appeal.

While there are other aspects to consider, curb appeal can attract a buyer. The higher a property's market worth is, the more in demand it is. A thorough pressure washing can speed up the sale’s value of a house. Even if it is pressure washing your outdoor furniture, it can still boost the value of a property.

Preparing for Pressure Washing Your Outdoor Furniture

To clean your outdoor furniture effectively, you'll need a large open area with plenty of space. Next, assemble your laundry and drying supplies. For the greatest results in removing mildew and stains, use a pressure washer. It's effective, and if done correctly, it'll make your furniture seem brand new.

1. Use the Right Equipment

If you want to pressure wash your outdoor furniture, make sure you have the right equipment. This includes getting a pressure washer with the right nozzles. You have the option to rent the pressure washer, buy one for your own, or hire pressure washing services. 

The nozzle you can use is a turbo nozzle but still depends on how stubborn the stains are. Another thing you need to consider is the type of furniture you’re planning to clean. In addition to this, you also need to find an effective detergent.

2. Get the Right Cleaning Solution

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Choose the best cleaning solution for the job. Many individuals like to mix bleach and water in a 50:50 ratio. Others use vinegar and water, depending on the filth and substance. If this may seem too much for you, hiring a professional power washing company can spare you the trouble. They use an industrial-grade detergent to remove all dirt and mildew.

3. Learn the Best Power Washing Techniques

You need to be cautious whenever you use a power washer. These devices are strong and have the potential to harm both the user and the environment. Start slowly, move your wand about, and don't stand still for too long. The easiest approach to give your furniture a good wash is to use mild and moderate pressure.

Steps to Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture With Pressure Washer

  • To keep pests at bay, put your furniture on a level area and spray on it. Remember to direct your sprays away from your windows and doors. Chemicals from cleaning solutions can taint glasses and wood, so be careful about it.
  • Attach a low-pressure nozzle to the end of your pressure washer wand.
  • Wash the furniture starting from the top, working your way down until your furniture is spotless. Make sure that the water reaches the grimes in the difficult-to-reach areas.
  • If you still see some spots, use your hands to clean them. 
  • There is no need for detergent when you use a pressure washer to clean outdoor furniture. You can use detergent on the furniture's tougher or plastic surfaces if they're unclean. Spot clean the cushions with a brush if you see stubborn dirt on them.
  • Rinse and flush it with a low-pressure spray.

Tips For Using Pressure Washer

If you’re new to pressure washing, then it’s best to get expert advice on how to use it. Luckily, here is a list of things you need to remember when using a pressure washer.

  • When using a pressure washer, remember to wear protective glasses, old clothes, and shoes. The dirt tends to fly everywhere when you use a pressure washer.
  • You should also avoid spraying with the power wire under the nozzle. If your cord breaks while in use, it can cause serious harm.
  • Consider using a high-pressure nozzle on iron furniture and tables.
  • Test your pressure washer on the furniture before using it. Check whether it would discolour specific types of wood or metal.

Which Outdoor Furniture Can You Pressure Wash?

To some extent, you can pressure wash all furniture, but some do better than others. You can use a pressure washer on wicker and plastic throughout the day. Metal furniture takes pressure washing well, but you need to wipe it afterward to avoid corrosion.

You can pressure wash wood, but there are certain things you should keep in mind. Remember that softer wood can be scratched or damaged by pressure. That’s why you need to use the lowest pressure setting possible for these types of wood.

People use pressure washers to remove paint off things. If your finish is cracking and peeling, pressure washing your furniture will likely strip it. It's a pain if you're not seeking to refinish, but it's a huge help if you are.

If you have genuine rattan or bamboo furniture, avoid using a pressure washer at all cost. Manufacturers design these woods with a protective coating that a pressure washer can destroy. Aside from that, you can also damage the outer layer of the wood. Here is a better way to take care of your rattan furniture.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Furniture?

You should clean your outdoor furniture thoroughly once a year. Preparing your outdoor furniture for another year means keeping it in its best condition for the season. If you wash your furniture regularly, you will be amazed at how good they look for years to come!


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