Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration

Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration

Importance of colour in Interior Decoration

Colour is one of the vital elements that are important in Interior decoration. Your decoration process will not be complete without putting into consideration the use of appropriate colours and colour combination.

Colour can be likened to the moon in the night that shine light everywhere, as it gives meaning to an environment. 

Red is usually associated with ambition, determination, and leadership, also connotes physical desires.

Pink  shows compassion, intimacy, and unconditional love

Blue connotes honesty, loyalty, and trust

Purple represents awareness, creativity, and imagination

Orange associated with motivation and optimism

Yellow shows enthusiasm and knowledge, it also evokes feelings of fun, happiness, and hope

Green represents energy and emotion, it also serves to balance and to create stability


It is important to note that colour for decorating in a church is different from that of an office or a home setting. Every designer or decorator should take note of all these in order to achieve better and meaningful result.

The ability to select the best colors gives you an edge in interior decoration

Here are a few Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration

To improve object recognition - Do you know that you can recognize object clearly through colour?

Do you know that colour enhances speedy recognition? I must confess that the importance of colour in decoration makes object recognition very easy. You don’t need to stress your eye or stress yourself to identify the philosophy behind a decoration.

Use colour to establish visual identity
Do you know that colour is really helpful for visual identity especially in marketing and branding? Many brand experts make use of colour for symbolism; to express the right visual identity of a company. Advertising or

Advertising or Branding programs may not be very successful without adopting colour as part of the decoration.

Colour help to communicate mood
Finally, colour help to communicate the mood of a place, room or event. Whether it is celebration mood or sad mood; colour helps to evoke emotions.

From fact findings, it was discovered that light colour is mostly associated with a positive impression, while dark color gives a picture of the opposite side 

Adeleye Kunle,

A freelance writer and a graduate of Mass Communication

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