Industrial Kitchen Style-Features you need to Know

Industrial Kitchens; though not meant for everyone, are classy and stylish. When planned and executed properly, they can make a huge statement. Though everything still boils down to preference and choice as there are transitional kitchens and farmhouse kitchens, however, it goes without a saying that the Industrial kitchen can give you those required Goosebumps.

Industrial kitchen styles are mostly considered by people who would love to cook like pros.

Here are a few features of the Industrial Kitchen you need to know about should you want to go that route.

High Ceilings and Large Open Space

To have an Industrial kitchen, you need an open space with high ceilings. Industrial kitchens are not always behind closed doors due to the kind of heat expected to be emitted. Space also has to be large with high ceilings so as to allow for space for easy movement and also contain those heavy-duty appliances.  

Stainless Steel Appliances

To achieve that look of industrial kitchen, you have to keep your appliances mainly stainless steel. This allows easy cleaning and also provides the much-needed professional look. From the worktops to the appliances used and even zincs; stainless steel surfaces are mostly considered for industrial kitchen style.

Heavy Duty Appliances

To have Industrial Kitchen Style, your kitchen appliances have to be heavy duty appliances. Five burner cookers; 48-inch or 36-inch range, dual refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, dishwashers, induction cooktop and pizza ovens are a few of the appliances that should be considered for your Industrial Style kitchens.

Flooring Style

For an Industrial kitchen style, you do not need your kitchen floor to be too sophisticated as concrete floors would do just fine though many designers would recommend hardwood/engineered wood or stone tile.

If your preferred kitchen style is the Industrial Style; we have been able to point out a few features that you really need to consider.

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