Irresistible Kitchen designs

Irresistible Kitchen designs

The kitchen no doubt is the heart of the home and is the most used part of the house. Everyone enters the kitchen if not for the view, I think the aroma should send an irresistible invite. To his end, it is very important that such a place is on point.

Here are a few designs to give your kitchen that attractive look.

  •  Single Tone Colour Cabinets

Kitchens are never complete without cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can come in wooden or metal, either way, painting your cabinet is actually a very good move. I fell in love with a single tone cabinet colour because it gives a special sense of orderliness. Of course, your kitchen should be well arranged but seriously if you are the busy and “rushy” type, a single tone colour kitchen cabinet transposes you to that level of orderliness though artificial LOL.

  •  Open Plan Kitchen

This is a kind of kitchen design that has the Dining right inside the same space with the kitchen. This is indeed one of those spectacular kitchen designs that keeps everyone in the same place thereby turning your kitchen into the focal point of the home. One condition attached to this kind of design is; the kitchen must be treated the same way you treat your living room if not better in terms of neatness.

  • Two-tone Colour Cabinet

Two-tone colour cabinets give your kitchen a touch of creativity and elegance. This makes your kitchen space more attractive and inspiring. Hog furniture has varieties of glossy two-tone cabinets to bring out the creativity in your Kitchen.

  •  Chandelier-ed Kitchen

This is another design that handles both day and night appearance of your kitchen. Chandeliers make your kitchen more pronounced and attractive all day long. It makes a statement of class and depicts style.

Most homes pay attention to this department of the house for the sole reason of the activity that takes place inside, but this is not the whole story, a kitchen is more like a powerhouse; the way your kitchen looks has a lot of effect on your health and personal disposition. Therefore, your kitchen has more than one reason to be on point.

Alagbe Mobolaji

A Mechanical Engineer with flare for writing and great indoor appearance.

Love to drive, travel, read and meet people. 

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