Giving your home an exciting look

Home is a place you run to when the world becomes unbearable, the one place guaranteed to bring solace and peace and brighten your soul. Often times, we put very little or no effort to get this safe zone of ours well put together so that it actually helps alleviate our problems or switch our moods when needed.

I’ll share three ways to transform your space to your home.

The right paint color:

Some colors are more welcoming than others. A house painted white would appear cleaner, purer, more open and welcoming than a black painted place. The first thing to do is invest into searching your soul and experimenting to find these colors that add illumination to your life. Find them and put them all around you


It’s surprising how people run away from this because of the assumption that it involves a lot of money. This is a wrong fallacy. The most expensive thing decorating your home involves is your time and imagination. Some of these décor items can be DIY or store bought. They don’t have to be massive, get things that rhyme with your color scheme, your mood, your values e.t.c. They are little things that remind you of who you are, or where you want to be or where you are coming from or heading to. They range from little props to wall arts, frames, flower vases and more.


It is said that “Many perfumes and fragrances offer a sort of aromatherapy quality and effect, and can easily work to alter the mood.  Knowing that fragrances have this power to alter and affect mood, perfume companies and fragrance companies work diligently in creating new fragrances that will offer positive mood change benefits”. Also, fragrances serve as a trigger to memories. You may have been in a situation in your past and some fragrances remind of the location you were in then or the person involved. It is important to sample and select the fragrances that only bring you good memories.

With these few points, you can easily see that it doesn’t take up much of your time or money to make your place homely and these little changes alone will make you look forward to returning home after a long or hard day.

Linda Ibeh

A freelance writer, graduate of the department of Theatre and Film Studies and lover of all things unusual. 

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