Simple DIY for Christmas Decoration

There are so many wonderful things we think of when it comes to Christmas, like giving gifts, decorating our homes, and of course turning on the Christmas lights! Yippee!!!

So, whether it’s a big official gathering or just a family get-together, here are few tips that could really help to transform your space from cool to amazing.



  • Step 1

Make sure to place your Christmas tree on a flat surface and at a visible place. Real Christmas trees will need to be set up with a base and vase but artificial Christmas trees come with their own built-in base so they are ready to go!

‘Spruce’ out the branches to make sure there is no bunching or overlapping of branches. This is particularly important for artificial trees to separate the branches and create a symmetrical shape. Why not dazzle’ your guests this year with a quirky fibre optic Christmas tree. These are a cute addition to any small apartment with minimal space or bring some Christmas cheer to your work space!

  • Step 2

Whether you’ve bought a new set of lights or they’re a set from the year before, make sure to lay out the lights on the floor first and turn them on to check that they are all working. This saves you from placing them on the tree and noticing after that they don’t work or some bulbs have gone!

Once you’ve done this, string your lights around the Christmas tree in an even pattern. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom. For some trees, it might be necessary to add a second set of lights to cover the whole tree.  


  • Step 3

It’s best to stick to one particular style when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree. Choosing a general theme in advance makes picking out your baubles, garlands and other Christmas accessories much easier!

Choose three similar style baubles, such as A, B and C photographed below, and hang these decorations in a triangular-like pattern. Try to be conscious of space as you go along. You don’t want any bare branches! If your baubles seem a little heavy for the branches, or start to slip, try placing them further back on the branch or use a piece of ribbon or floral wire to loop it securely around the branch. It is best to start hanging the bigger decorations and glittering sprays at the bottom of the tree and work your way up for a symmetrical look.


  • Step 4

Once you have placed the LED lights, baubles and decorations on the tree, it’s time for some seasonal garlands or decorative leaves’ These add a little something extra to your Christmas tree and fill in any gaps you might have between branches on the tree.

Once your tree has been fully decorated, don’t forget to truly complete it with a beautiful Christmas tree topper such as an elegant angel ornament or a cherished homemade Christmas decoration.

  • Step 5

Place your charmingly wrapped presents, or some decorative Christmas gift lights, under the tree, turn up the Christmas tunes, grab some mince pies and light your tree up!



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