6 Amazing Valentine Home Maker Tips.

… Sometimes, a little spin or makeover is just what your home need to transform it from boring to fabulous.

Do you love where you live almost as much as you love your life partner? Are you single and looking for a hot date with an emotionally stable & available person in your living space? Do you want to have a nice time with your partner this Valentine without going out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your space needs a little tweaking to fit in the love mood. We’ve got some sweet and simple ways to tweak up your room for this love season, check it out:


It's not just about greeting your guests with a little bit of seasonal cheer. It's about greeting yourself, too, after a long day at work or away from home.

By adding a little bit of friendly cheer to your front door, you create a mini smile moment for whoever stop at your doorstep, as well as crown your home with a little bit of visual attention.

 door wreath



Pick up those littered decors, straighten the picture frames, tighten the doorknob, and fluff up the throw pillows. These are the decor equivalent of straightening your lover's bowtie or picking a stray hair off the back of their sweater. It's just small little things that don't take a lot of time but show a little bit of affection, paying attention to details and cool efforts at making your home's appearance lit.


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Photo frames? Yes.

But Flowers you might ask?

Yep, flowers are the little jewels that can make a home feel like it's smiling at you. You could either choose to go natural by planting beautiful and living flowers in your living room, passage etc, or go a little synthetic, by buying artificial flowers with bright colours and designs.


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Whichever way you choose to go, just ensure you tune up your home with cool collections of flowers.

Also, a piece we often underestimate mostly is the power of beautiful and chic photo frames which fills the home with beautiful memories and great quotes for inspiration & motivation for success in life.

So, don’t wait. Go jazz up your space NOW!




One of the most amazing features of a modern beautiful home is the beauty and creativity of the focal point.

The focal point in most homes is mostly the media area, where TV, Sound System etc are placed.


While some choose to make other sections in their home the focal point. But basically where you choose to make your focal point gets the most attention. The item you need would include any of these; Wallpapers, 3D Wall panel, Paints, and paintings etc.

You may check out some really nice wallpaper varieties in our store (you can get as much as 10% discount off wallpapers and décor items if you are one of our mobile app users)

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Like, for real, we all have that spot we overlook anytime we do the cleaning. Think I’m wrong? Ok, answer these questions: when was the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan? Or your baseboard?

Underneath your refrigerator or beneath the chair and TV console? Or your refrigerator coils even?

Even if you regularly clean the rest of your home, Show those spots some LOVE this Valentine J and make your home and yourself feel special by getting to these rarely cleaned spots.

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You don’t necessarily need to break a bank to jazz up your space with new pieces of stuff. You may start with a step at a time, by deciding to add nice décor pieces at least once in a month.


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After all, you get to wear new clothes and accessories anytime you wish and your home still has that same old furniture look.

Hian, show some love, if not all, change some, especially the point of meeting like the living room. Give it a new look and you sure will like the view.





No one looks great when they're underlit or improperly presented, and your home is no exception.

Whether you just focus on the main room in your home; your living room or you focus on the rooms you spend the most time in (and want to look your best in), it's worth it to take the time to make sure you're properly lighting it.

Ways to light up your house include getting floor lamps, table lamps, cool colour bulbs (for homely effects) fluorescent bulbs etc. 

All these lightings items play different roles and add different effects to the way your home look and is perceived.


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Are you an interior décor /furniture enthusiast? You might want to contribute to our blog, feel free to reach out to us at – info@hogfurniture.com.ng


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