10 Kitchen storage tips you rarely think of!

10 Kitchen storage tips you might want to try

I am always of the opinion that organization is an important aspect of productivity. When you see yourself in a cluttered and scattered environment, there is less focus and order. However, when you see yourself in a more organized space, there is focus, order, and productivity.

Kitchens are one of the very important parts of any home. You use the kitchen practically almost every day. How effectively have you arranged or stored things in your kitchen?

Do you enjoy each time you spend in the kitchen because of the smooth of flow of things there due to a wonderful storage technique you have utilised or do you just endure the time you spend there?

Here are 10 kitchen storage tips for your kitchen!

1.       Make sure you need everything in your kitchen: Look at all the items in your kitchen, including the ones you have been hoarding since years back! Remove items you don’t need or don’t use. Decluttering is important. 

2.       Opt for see-through containers: These type of containers help you easily see what you are trying to store without confusing you. You can also label such containers to avoid any other confusion such as mistaking salt for sugar. LOL

3.       The Back of your cabinet doors: Did you know you can also use the back of your cabinet doors to store things? You can store things like flat pans, lids of pots, spoons, and so on.

4.       Understand the storage needs of different food items: Different food items have different storage requirements. Do you need a store some in an open dry place or in a refrigerator or in a pantry? etc.

5.       Give yourself an adequate work zone: There is no point arranging all the things in your kitchen when you don’t have adequate space to work.

6.       Storage above arms reach: Avoiding limiting your kitchen storage to areas within arms reach, you might be missing out on a huge storage space above arms reach. Use your cabinets above arms reach to store things you don’t normally use on a day-to-day basis. You can also add cabinets above your window. 

7.       Reuse wooden boxes: Did you know that wooden boxes can be used over and over again for storage purposes? For instance, you can use an old wooden box to store items like containers for seasonings, tea, ingredients, and so on.

8.       Hang things on the wall: You can utilize space on your wall to store cans, tins, containers, teas, and so on.

9.       Vertical storage: Did you know that vertical storage of plates helps you to find the plates you are looking for easier and faster?

You can utilize space on your wall to store cans, tins, containers, teas, and so on.

10.       Retractable Racks: Did you know that retractable racks can help you save a lot of space as well? You can store your pans, spoons, and other kitchen utensils on retractable racks which can be fixed in a cabinet. 

Have you used any of these kitchen storage techniques before now? Comments below, let’s hear from you!

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