Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms

Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms 0

Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms

Does your living room look boring or drab and you want to add some pizzazz to it?

Do you want to turnaround the look of your living room?

Then here are Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms that can help you spice up your space!

1.       Statement Rug: A statement rug can immediately make your living room look stylish. You can pair up a patterned or statement rug with neutral furniture pieces. 

Closely related to this is also knowing how to effectively arrange your furniture on the rug. You can either arrange your furniture all on the centre rug, you can arrange all off the centre rug, or you can arrange it with just the front feet of your furniture pieces on the rug.


2.       Bring the Light in: You can replace your heavy curtains with sheer curtains in order to bring in the light to your room. With sheer curtains, natural light can come into your living room easily.

3.       Give your furniture some breathing room: Avoid moving your furniture close to the wall and give your room some breathing space. 

This will help people to be able to manoeuvre around with ease. A stuffed living room doesn’t always look and feel appealing.

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4.       Mix Patterns: go creative and mix and match patterns. One of the ways you can safely miss and match patterns is by mixing patterns in the same colour scheme.

5.       Choose your paint colour last: It might be tempting to choose your paint colour before buying your furniture or curtains or even shelves. It is important that everything synchronizes harmoniously. You don’t want a situation where you choose a paint colour then you need to repaint because it doesn’t match with other items in your living room.

6.       Art Works: Get the right artwork for your space. Placing an art work where it doesn’t fit looks unappealing and it covers the beauty of the artwork.

You need to also ensure that you hang the art work at the appropriate height. For instance, make sure the way you hang your art work relates to the human scale where the average human eye can easily settle on.

7.       Accent Walls: every living room needs an accent wall that will act as the focal point of the room. You need to carefully choose this focal point and decorate it accordingly. Your accent wall needs to draw the right attention and it is often the first thing people notice when they come into your living room.

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Ayishat Amoo

Lifestyle writer who likes motivating people through her writing, for them to be who God wants them to be.

Msc.  Mass Communication, and she is also an Inbound certified marketer.

5 Simple Room Decoration Items you Must Have

5 Simple Room Decoration Items you Must Have 0

5 Simple Room Decoration Items you Must Have

What's a room without the right decoration? The right decoration will project the right ambience and personality of any room.

It is also important to note that decorating your space isn't enough, you need to have some essential pieces that will spice up your home.

If you want to learn how to decorate your room better or you want to revamp your room, here are 5 simple room decoration items your room must have:

  1. Good Lighting: you need good lighting in your space for a number of reasons, one of which includes brightness. However, quality lighting can also help you decorate and make a statement with your space.

Invest in good lighting for your space; you can get a chandelier, ceiling light, table lamp, etc., this will help you make your space look brighter and more beautiful.


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    1. Window Treatments: if you make your window look bland, you've missed an opportunity to cheaply decorate your space. You can purchase beautiful window treatments such as window blinds, drapes, shutters, etc. For instance, window drapes instantly give a room another look!
    1. Wall Art: a beautiful wall art will instantly make a boring space look interesting. Don't believe the myth that all quality wall arts are expensive, this isn't true. You can find unique and affordable wall arts without spending much. Likewise, you can frame up your favourite photos or mantras and hang them on the wall.
    1. Comfortable Rugs: rugs aren't only for covering the floor, they can serve as decorative items as well. However, make sure the rugs you purchase are of good quality and are aesthetical.

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    1. Mirrors: Mirrors are simple items that are functional and decorative. They can brighten up your room, make your room look bigger, and then serve as decorative pieces.

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    Ayishat Amoo

    A lifestyle writer who likes motivating people through her writing, for them to be who God wants them to be.

    She is a graduate of Mass Communication, and she is also an Inbound certified marketer.