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10 Bathroom Redesign & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

10 Bathroom Redesign & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget 0



Best 10 Cheap bathroom makeover idea

Bathrooms! They might or might not be one of your favourite places in the house, but you go there every day!

Research has shown that some of the best ideas come during shower hours! Have you ever noticed this?

If your bathroom design is one that is getting outdated or you feel the need to remodel it but you are working on a budget, then you should keep reading.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend too much to give a space a new look; a little fix here or there can make a difference.

Here are 10 unique ways you can cheaply redesign your bathroom!


1.       Resurface: You don’t necessarily have to replace your surfaces, you can simply resurface them with better materials. Resurfacing will cost you less than replacing.



2.       Replace Broken Fixtures: Broken fixtures are a total no-no and you need to replace them with new ones. You need to replace things like broken doorknobs, handles, towel holders, taps, etc.



3.       Paint it yourself: News flash: You don’t have to employ the services of a painter, you can always paint your walls yourself!

4.      Get New Counter top Accessories: You can easily purchase new accessories for your counter top such as mason jar, sop case, cups, etc.



5.       Add a unique furniture: A furniture piece like a stool or a table lamp or even a chair to hold towels or other things

6.      Change your Shower Curtain: You can research some DIY shower curtains and make them for your bathroom.



7.       Replace your towels and robe: When was the last time you replaced your old towels and robe? Replacing them can bring in a fresh look to your bathroom

8.      Add Flowers: Add flowers that will bring in the freshness that your bathroom deserves!



9.       Add a piece of art: A piece of art in your bathroom can also improve the look of your bathroom and make it more interesting.

10.      Replace your mirror: Invest in a good piece of mirror that will make a statement in your bathroom. You can get budget-friendly mirrors here



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Ayishat Amoo

Lifestyle writer who likes motivating people through her writing, for them to be who God wants them to be.

Msc.  Mass Communication, and she is also an Inbound certified marketer.

Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms

Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms 0

Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms

Does your living room look boring or drab and you want to add some pizzazz to it?

Do you want to turnaround the look of your living room?

Then here are Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for your Living rooms that can help you spice up your space!

1.       Statement Rug: A statement rug can immediately make your living room look stylish. You can pair up a patterned or statement rug with neutral furniture pieces. 

Closely related to this is also knowing how to effectively arrange your furniture on the rug. You can either arrange your furniture all on the centre rug, you can arrange all off the centre rug, or you can arrange it with just the front feet of your furniture pieces on the rug.


2.       Bring the Light in: You can replace your heavy curtains with sheer curtains in order to bring in the light to your room. With sheer curtains, natural light can come into your living room easily.

3.       Give your furniture some breathing room: Avoid moving your furniture close to the wall and give your room some breathing space. 

This will help people to be able to manoeuvre around with ease. A stuffed living room doesn’t always look and feel appealing.

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4.       Mix Patterns: go creative and mix and match patterns. One of the ways you can safely miss and match patterns is by mixing patterns in the same colour scheme.

5.       Choose your paint colour last: It might be tempting to choose your paint colour before buying your furniture or curtains or even shelves. It is important that everything synchronizes harmoniously. You don’t want a situation where you choose a paint colour then you need to repaint because it doesn’t match with other items in your living room.

6.       Art Works: Get the right artwork for your space. Placing an art work where it doesn’t fit looks unappealing and it covers the beauty of the artwork.

You need to also ensure that you hang the art work at the appropriate height. For instance, make sure the way you hang your art work relates to the human scale where the average human eye can easily settle on.

7.       Accent Walls: every living room needs an accent wall that will act as the focal point of the room. You need to carefully choose this focal point and decorate it accordingly. Your accent wall needs to draw the right attention and it is often the first thing people notice when they come into your living room.

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Ayishat Amoo

Lifestyle writer who likes motivating people through her writing, for them to be who God wants them to be.

Msc.  Mass Communication, and she is also an Inbound certified marketer.

Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration

Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration 2

Importance of colour in Interior Decoration

Colour is one of the vital elements that are important in Interior decoration. Your decoration process will not be complete without putting into consideration the use of appropriate colours and colour combination.

Colour can be likened to the moon in the night that shine light everywhere, as it gives meaning to an environment. 

Red is usually associated with ambition, determination, and leadership, also connotes physical desires.

Pink  shows compassion, intimacy, and unconditional love

Blue connotes honesty, loyalty, and trust

Purple represents awareness, creativity, and imagination

Orange associated with motivation and optimism

Yellow shows enthusiasm and knowledge, it also evokes feelings of fun, happiness, and hope

Green represents energy and emotion, it also serves to balance and to create stability


It is important to note that colour for decorating in a church is different from that of an office or a home setting. Every designer or decorator should take note of all these in order to achieve better and meaningful result.

The ability to select the best colors gives you an edge in interior decoration

Here are a few Importance of Colour in Interior Decoration

To improve object recognition - Do you know that you can recognize object clearly through colour?

Do you know that colour enhances speedy recognition? I must confess that the importance of colour in decoration makes object recognition very easy. You don’t need to stress your eye or stress yourself to identify the philosophy behind a decoration.

Use colour to establish visual identity
Do you know that colour is really helpful for visual identity especially in marketing and branding? Many brand experts make use of colour for symbolism; to express the right visual identity of a company. Advertising or

Advertising or Branding programs may not be very successful without adopting colour as part of the decoration.

Colour help to communicate mood
Finally, colour help to communicate the mood of a place, room or event. Whether it is celebration mood or sad mood; colour helps to evoke emotions.

From fact findings, it was discovered that light colour is mostly associated with a positive impression, while dark color gives a picture of the opposite side 

Adeleye Kunle,

A freelance writer and a graduate of Mass Communication