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 Do you ever just feel like you need a change? Just something different in your life? Sometimes a small change can produce that for you, such as changing your hairstyle or painting your room or office. Focus on the later as it can make a big difference in your attitude and productivity.

 So you are sitting in your office, the walls are peeling, they are brown, probably painted decades ago and you feel demotivated and just not ready to do your best. Or, something is up and you just can't focus on your home study. Something here is wrong and needs to change! That much is clear!

 But what? What could change your productivity levels, make you feel better and motivate you to do your best? Believe it or not, but a commercial paint job might be just what you need!

 It has been scientifically proven that colors affect human moods and emotions, so having the right colors for the job is crucial! Join today as we go over the top ten best colors for your office! Sit back, relax and let's get started!

 1. Pink

Typically a high energy color, this option gives off tones of success, hard work, and productivity. If you choose to go with this color, be aware that, as you will learn, there are many shades of colors each having their own effects.

We can go from Electric PInk, which is probably the highest energy color on this list, to the soft, translucent petals of a Pink rose. Each promoting its own emotions and feelings, but in general, this color is a good choice for an office that is searching for something different, something bright and lively this might be the choice for you.

You may think that this is a feminine choice, but it doesn't always have to be considered as such. How you use pink and the ways it’s applied can change how feminine or not the color appears. It’s really up to you. This color works for male, female, and even gender-neutral workspaces.


 2. Black

 Now, this might seem extreme, and for some offices it surely is, but black can be a great choice for some offices. It all, of course, depends on what you're doing and how you're doing it. For some, it can be a dark and somber color that demotivates and causes sluggishness.

In other places, it can create an almost otherworldly ethereal feeling that promotes calmness and proficiency. In some workplaces, like more modern offices, it can be exactly what you need to get the job done.

 Black can help block the world out and can aid in focus and time management.

 3. Green

Green is a wonderful color to paint an office. Linked to creative thinking and promotion of good workflow, green in particular can be a wonderful option. Any shade of green will do but different shades will slightly promote different attributes.

 Lighter color greens are good for more high energy workspaces, such as mint, a dark forest color is perfect for a homey calm office. It all depends on what you are looking for, but mood-wise, there is a good chance you can find it in the green spectrum.

4. Grey

Grey is a special color, an in-between color. It is neither White nor Black, it's neither this or that. But it has an oddly calming effect that can make an environment more conducive to focused work.

The darker grey you go the closer to back you will come, and the effects of closing out the world will begin, stay with a lighter grey, like that of a lightly raining day, and you can induce feelings of calm.

5. Blue

One of the most favorite colors in the world, blue is best known for its calming effects. From calming babies to soothing agitated adults. Painting an office Blue gives a sense of a light calming. The darker the blue, the more foreboding it becomes, but when kept in the lighter range of the color it is very soothing.

 Very conducive to a calm and work-oriented environment Blue is the perfect option for offices that deal with a lot of people.

6. Yellow

Yellow is one of those colors that you may not necessarily consider at first for an office. To some, it can be off-putting, but it's actually shown to grow our appetites and stimulate our brains in special and unique ways.


Yellow represents life, the sun, and growth. While it is not the favorite of most people it can make a very good color option for your new or renovated office.

7. Violet

Violet, the color of royalty, is a beautiful color, not that the others are not, but there is something special about violet/lavender that is just sophisticated and gives off a feeling of grace and exquisiteness.

  Paint your space this color to promote a calm, professional work environment.  

8. White

Now, almost no one can argue with white. It goes with everything and looks good with anything. As far as professional work environments go, white is a clean color. Pure. Typically used in places where creativity is promoted. Peaceful, and quiet, white is a color most people can get behind.

It’s professional and looks good, adding splashes of color or plants/art to your walls could go great as well, leaving white as one of the most versatile colors.

9. Brown

Brown, the color of the Earth. This can promote grounding, concentration, and downright hard work. If it's the right shade of course. There is a wide range of browns to choose from, just like many of the other colors mentioned already. You can decide what will work best for your workspace based on what appeals most to you.

10. Indigo

A spin on purple, indigo is a beautiful color, one of the colors of the rainbow, and can promote calm, and focus just like its cousin violet. Indigo can promote a very serious work environment, professional and welcoming.

 A well-painted indigo office will give off the feeling of maturity and professionalism.


Now that you're chock-full of ideas and colors you want to paint your office, it's time to sit down and figure out which will actually be the best for you.

As you have learned different colors can affect your moods and even your work output. Choosing the right color for your office is a must these days. It may not have mattered before, but as employees and workspaces continue to move forward, the right color choices to make everyone feel great while working is a must.  

If you want the happiest, most productive work done, be sure to pick one of the above colors for your new workspace. You’ll be able to be the best version of yourself that you can be when you’re surrounded by the right colors while you’re at work.  


Ashley Coblentz 

A content creator and social media marketing specialist currently writing for OmegaIndustries.com.

She also enjoys crafting and reading in her spare time. If you want to see what she’s up to and what she’s writing next you can find her on Twitter


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