HOG article on things you can do inside your home that you can't do outside

The truth is the more you put outside and the more creative you get, the more time you want to spend outside. Making your outdoor an extension of your indoor is not only possible but an idea that is both in high demand and so much fun. Giving your outdoor design as much attention as you would your indoor designs makes a lot of sense

Spending time outdoor can be so much more fun than indoor. Television can be installed on the patio, an oven can be made, lighting design and smartphone-controlled audio systems can provide a better tune of fun outdoor than indoor

To give your yard that “so much more” look, it is important to consider the size. Depending on the size of the yard or patio, the space can become a prime area for hosting and entertaining, featuring in sections, chairs, a fire pit and even outdoor kitchen appliances.

Next is to decide on a colour palette. Colour is not just for glitz and glamour, it appeals to mood and state of mind. You must take cognisance of  the colour you connect with the most as it is equally important.

It’s now time for Zone. The backyard can beautifully encompass all the aspects of indoor living — cooking, eating, relaxing, congregating — and the key is to designate zones, so these features can coexist.

Starting with cooking, the kitchen and dining as the hub of the home is also the hub of the outdoor living space. People congregate around the kitchen and dining. Creating an area for congregating and cooking can mean several things: a high-end grill —bar seating, pizza oven, smoker, or even a hibachi-like area where the grill is the focal point among a circle of bar stools. You can have it all outside from double-drawer refrigerators, wet bars for social grilling.

You can have your Outdoor Countertops in more varieties than usual. Options include ceramic or porcelain tile, concrete and other composite materials.

An outdoor kitchen and dining area sounds fun and interesting when the weather is nice, but during raining season or when the weather becomes cold, what do you do?

The answer is simple Install an awning that can extend from the house over your patio space. The Awning would handle both shade and shelter from the rain. It also provides protection for an outdoor TV or sound system. When the cold gets more intense, you can run a heater within the confines of the awning.

You can as well consider cantilever umbrellas for creating shade within the backyard.

These solutions would give you an “all year round” outdoor experience.

Speaking of hosting and entertaining, the two most critical factors are the right lighting and the ability to play music.

Outdoor lighting can be handled by fixing bulbs and all it takes to bring your favourite tunes outside is your smartphone and a few well-placed speakers.

These days all audio and lighting can be tied to your smartphones and smart homes by utilizing state-of-the-art LED bulbs.

A pool, for some, is the final element of any outdoor living. You can have smaller pools — usually running 10 to 16 feet long and 6-8 feet deep — it doesn’t necessarily have to be big.

Anyone can incorporate these ideas and truly bring the comfort of their homes outdoors. All it takes is planning and working it out gradually over time within your budget.




Alabi Olusayo

Affiliate Manager with Hog Furniture.

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